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A quality tool holder is an essential accessory to always bring your own professional equipment with you, keeping it well organized and protected. Tool trolley, tool holder, tool carrier ... Mister Worker™ offers a wide range of various tool holders.

Best Sellers

In the Mister Worker™ catalog there are various types of tool holders available, to guarantee professionals of different sectors find the one that best suits their professional needs. Ideal for those who use manual tools of various kinds is definitely a toolbox, compact and practical to carry, available in our catalog in both metal and plastic.

A valid alternative, especially suitable for electricians, is a tool bag: made of materials such as plastic and high-thickness polypropylene, it protects the equipment to perfection, repairing it from any kind of impact. Furthermore, in the tool bag there are several compartments and panels to keep even the most delicate manual tools, such as insulated screwdrivers, in order. A high-quality tool case protects tools from impact due to continuous transport, ensuring a longer life.

For those who work in a workshop, a fundamental element that should not be missing is without doubt a workbench: available with steel top or wooden top, there are various models with a different number of shelves and drawers. A work table must be chosen with great care and attention, because according to the type of work carried out, material and size must be decided. For those who have a very large workshop, there is also a new model of mobile workbench: designed to be moved frequently, it is stabilized to keep all the hand tools that are contained in order always in order.

In addition to the workbench, it is essential to have a capacious and well-organized small parts door. Get hold of professional organizer tools allows you to always keep your work space tidy, managing to find the small parts you need in just a few minutes, without wasting time looking in drawers and containers for small parts scattered around the workshop. Also very useful in this environment are the container trunks: a large tool box allows you to keep your electric tools and hand tools safe and tidy, protecting them from dust and accidental damage.

To always have the most used hand tools at hand, it is essential to have a wall-mounted panel: by matching the special hooks for tool panels it is possible to hang all the hand tools used daily, in order to find them immediately and reach them with speed.

Among the most sold and appreciated tool holders in the world, there is definitely the roller cabinet. Available in various sizes and with a different number of drawers, it is a practical and maneuvering workshop trolley, ideal for mechanical repairers who always need to have a series of hand tools available. In the catalog there are also many accessories for trolleys, to enrich the tool trolley and make it personalized and tidy.

Mr. Worker™ also offers tool trolleys, tool bags, tool cases, metal drawers, metal cabinets: a series of tools for various types ideal for various types of environments and jobs.