Velcro TESA

Known all over the world, Velcro is an adhesive system that sticks and separates comfortably and conveniently, ideal for those who need to remove and fix something continuously. In the catalog you can find different types: from velcro stop strips to self-adhesive strips.

The Tesa adhesive velcro tape is a universal adhesive tape that can be used on different smooth surfaces. It ensures excellent fastening of light objects, such as small first aid kits, and has an optimal grip up to ten thousand uses. There are also variants that can support a greater weight, equipped with extra strong hooks and usable up to a thousand times: they are chosen especially by the workshops to hang tools of various kinds on the wall.

Velcro fasteners are also very popular and appreciated for stopping cables, essential for anyone working on a desk with various computers, monitors and external devices. They are designed to be tied around different cables, keeping them tidy and united, and are available in different colors, to group cables according to the type.

Tesa self-adhesive Velcro tapes are highly resistant and of excellent quality. They are the ideal solution for individuals and professionals who need to fix objects to be detached frequently, to keep the cables on the desk tidy, to line the chairs of the house with interchangeable padding.