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Masking Tapes by TESA

Tesa masking tapes are excellent allies when you have to paint walls or when you need to repaint the bodywork of the car, because they allow you to perform work of maximum precision by protecting the surfaces.

Best Sellers

TESA Masking Tapes Categories

Tesa offers a wide range of masking tapes, suitable for any type of professional need. The best-selling is definitely the PVC masking tape, flexible and resistant to high temperatures: it has the ability not to deform over time and adapt to sudden changes in temperature, and can therefore be used in different environments and numerous situations. Moreover, it can be easily removed without leaving residues. A particular type of PVC masking tape is the specific adhesive tape for plaster, gypsum and putty: it guarantees the top of the adhesiveness, and adheres perfectly to the rough surfaces; it resists UV rays, acids and moisture, and can be removed without leaving a trace.

Appreciated by many customers is also the masking tape with silicone adhesive, designed for high-temperature processing: it resists up to 220 degrees for 30 minutes, leaves no residue when removed, and is perfect for oven drying and other similar operations.

Mister Worker™ has in the catalog many Tesa masking tapes, which can be used on a huge quantity of different surfaces: from those for wood, to those specific for various painting techniques, you can find all the masking tapes you need!