Insect Screens/Draft Excluders TESA

Tesa mosquito nets and draft excluders are ideal for protecting the home or office in any season: from insects in summer, from heat loss in winter.

Available in various sizes, both the drapes and the Tesa mosquito nets are produced with top quality materials and are designed to best fit different types of doors and windows. By choosing the right model for your window frames, you will no longer have to worry about the annoying drafts of cold air during autumn and winter, or to keep windows open in spring and summer.

Among all the Tesa draft excluders available in our catalog, our customers absolutely prefer the Tesamoll draft excluder: it protects from the cold and from drafts, but above all from dust. Without adhesive, it is made of polyethylene foam and covered with a polyester fabric and is easy to install: just insert it under the door with a slight push, without using glue or nails.

As for the mosquito nets, the best-selling are mosquito nets with Velcro Tesa Insect Stop Comfort: available in various sizes, adaptable to both small windows and French windows, they have an excellent and hardly damaged texture. They guarantee maximum protection from insects, even when the windows are open, and are easily applicable: thanks to the Velcro, they can be attached and detached if necessary.

With the draft excluders and the Tesa mosquito nets, home and office will be perfectly protected throughout the year: you will no longer have to worry about the insects or the annoying heat loss.