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Roughness, inclination, angle and straightness by TESA TECHNOLOGY

Buy roughness gauges, angle protractors, try squares, scale units, inclinometers and levels on Mister Worker™ and discover the complete catalogue of TESA Technology online.

TESA roughness gauges: RUGOSURF and RUGOTEST 

The roughness tester is a tool used to check the finish of a surface subjected to a material removal. Therefore, every company that carries out machining with chip removal should theoretically be equipped with it.

Roughness is a very complex topic in its total analysis. In most mechanical applications, it is reduced to the evaluation of some roughness parameters considered as fundamental such as mean roughness Ra according to ISO 4287 and DIN 4768, maximum profile valley depth Rmax according to DIN 4768 and mean roughness depth Rz DIN according to DIN 4768.

TESA range consists of three portable RUGOSURF roughness gauges. Thanks to their different features, they are suited for the most various needs and can be used both in production floor, for instance for measurements directly on machines, and in inspection laboratories. They are highly appreciated by operators especially for their robustness, reliability and ease of use.

The wide range of available accessories, made up of special probes, measuring supports and data management software, as well as the mechanical solutions inbuilt in the instruments themselves, make them extremely versatile and effective.

The whole RUGOSURF range is equipped with standard probes with a 90° angle and a probe tip radius of 2 µm. All the instruments have a 0,001 µm resolution and the measuring ranges vary from 0 to 400 or 1000 µm depending on the models.

The best-seller of the range is the RUGOSURF 20, a very compact, robust and versatile roughness gauge, able to measure 15 roughness parameters that are shown on a monochromatic display, on which it is also possible to view the graphic profile of the analysed surface. This product is very well suited for measurements directly on machines.

In the RUGOSURF 90G model, it is also possible to have as an option the PROFILE SET which, by means of a dedicated probe and software, allows to measure geometric profiles (distances, radii and angles) in a vertical range of 2 mm and in a longitudinal range of 50 mm.

TESA sales program also includes the RUGOTEST roughness comparison specimens, which are used for the visual and/or tactile comparison of the workpiece surface with a specimen surface having the same structure, produced according to the same machining process. Surfaces can be related to each other only if their materials are comparable and the evaluation of the roughness comparison between the specimen and the workpiece is not quantitatively expressed, but it is purely subjective.

TESA inclinometers and precision levels: CLINOBEVEL and NIVELTRONIC

To measure inclinations, TESA offers a wide range of inclinometers and precision levels, ideal for levelling, aligning and squaring surfaces. These instruments exploit the Earth’s force of gravity and allow, by means of the gas bubble in the liquid or of their pendulum, to make precise assessments of geometric positions of single or related surfaces.

Their main usage is in the building and operational positioning of machine tools, but they also find large application in the civil construction, automotive, medical and aeronautical sectors. Thanks to their high accuracy, these instruments enable to detect form errors on geometric elements of parts to be measured, such as deviations in position, flatness, straightness, squareness and parallelism. They can be used both in horizontal and vertical positions, depending on the model.

The range of spirit levels includes several executions: horizontal, circular or T-shaped for assembly, for transmission shafts, with a frame, square models with magnetic inserts, with micrometric adjustment, with angle protractor.

In the electronic versions of the CLINOBEVEL family, it is possible to establish a connection between two instruments and thanks to their data output send the measured values to a PC.

An historical reference for TESA is the NIVELTRONIC. This type of electronic level, with analogue indication and an integrated galvanometer, is characterized by a remarkable stability at zero point and is suitable for the inspection and alignment of horizontal and vertical surfaces; the square model is also suited for the measurement of cylindrical parts thanks to its prismatic bases.

Among the tools for assessing the straightness, flatness and perpendicularity of surfaces, there are also bevelled straight edges up to 500 mm in length and try set squares.

To complete the angular position and inclination measurements, TESA also offers some angle protractors in analogue and digital execution.

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