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Measuring supports and auxiliary equipment by TESA TECHNOLOGY

On Mister Worker™ you can purchase a wide range of measuring supports and auxiliary equipment by Tesa Technology: not only magnetic or suction base supports, but also gauges and other auxiliary measuring instruments!

In order to perform a measurement, some instruments such as dial gaugeslever-type dial test indicators or electronic measuring probes, strictly require a support or a stand. For their correct use, in fact, their shank must be fixed on a measuring support. The choice of the support is not to be underestimated and it is as important as the choice of the instrument.

TESA offers a wide range of measuring supports designed to offer the best positioning stability of the above-mentioned instruments, to be used for measurements or shape error detections directly on the machine or in workstations close to the machine. The great holding stability, and consequently the measurement stability, is a fundamental parameter as it allows to minimize the uncertainties related to the measurement method. For this reason, all TESA supports are characterized by a high quality of materials and construction.

TESA range includes supports with magnetic or suction base, depending on the surface on which they have to be used, with articulated or rigid inclinable arms of various lengths, with flexible arm for measurements in hardly accessible points, with or without fine adjustment for better precision and repeatability of the measurements and with different holding forces. The possibility to disengage the magnet on some models, the rigidity of the arm and articulations and the simple and secure locking by means of a single knob are key elements for a great versatility and reliability of use.
Measuring stands with table are also part of the range, they are typically used close to machines or in metrology rooms to create small measuring stations suitable for series inspection of small workpieces. The tables can be in hardened steel, cast iron or granite and have a round or rectangular shape.

As auxiliary equipment TESA offers flat and prismatic depth foots, steel V-blocks for clamping cylindrical parts with diameters from 0,7 to 40 mm, used during the machining or inspection of workpieces and adjustable parallels.

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