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Measuring probes and display units by TESA TECHNOLOGY

Discover the catalogue of Measuring Probes and Display Units by Tesa Technology available on Mister Worker™: standard measuring probes, probes with detachable cable, with analogue output, USB or Wireless measuring probes, universal Fms probes with parallel guiding, accessories, display units and electronic components.

Inductive 1D probes are a flagship product for TESA, who has been developing and manufacturing for 50 years this type of electronic equipment, characterized by a high technological know-how, the result of a long experience gained in this sector, that places TESA at the cutting edge of technology.

TESA offers a complete range of inductive probes, designed to cover a very wide range of applications and well-known for their high accuracy and repeatability, great reliability and longevity.

These instruments are typically used for dimensional inspection on medium and large batches of parts and are positioned on supports or mechanical fixtures that allow multi-gauging measurements. This makes them very versatile to perform quick and precise series inspections even on 100% of production. This does not mean that they can also be used for simpler applications, where a single measurement is required, such as for example in replacement of a dial gauge while measuring a hole with a bore gauge or together with portable instruments for internal and external measurements.

Apart from a few exceptions, the measuring operations executed are always comparative measurements with reference to a standard such as a gauge block or a setting ring.
The working principle of these instruments is based on an axial movement mounted on a ball bearing, except for miniature models which adopt simpler solutions due to their reduced dimensions. The ball bearing guidance system is insensitive to any radial force exerted on the probe housing and an anti-rotation guiding system ensures perfect movement of the mechanical guide. The axial probe guide system is effectively protected against penetration of liquids or solids by sealing bellows of high elastic quality. 

The measuring bolt can be moved manually or, depending on the models, with pneumatic help in retraction by the suction of air (vacuum) or in pressure with pneumatic activation. The measuring force can be adjusted according to requirements, by replacing the spring inside the probe. The presence of an electronic amplifier of the signal, without relying on any other mechanical conversion device, allow TESA probes to stand out for their very low hysteresis errors (0,02 µm) and their high repeatability (0,01 µm).

The range of electronic probes by TESA

The range of TESA electronic probes is truly unique on the market and includes countless executions.

- Standard half-bridge or LVDT probes with axial movement: with axial or radial cable output and various retraction travels and measuring ranges.

- With activation of the measuring bolt by pneumatic pressure.

- High precision probes, with resolutions up to 0,01 microns, also suitable for gauge blocks measurement.

- Miniature probes: for applications where the encumbrance around the part to be measured must be reduced to a minimum.

- Angle probes with inclinable lever: often used for the alignment of components when installing machines or XY coordinate tables. 

- With analogue output (DC): equipped with an electronic circuit that converts the signal to obtain a DC voltage output signal, thus minimizing the response time and allowing ultra-fast measurements; typically used for direct connection to a PC or an interface equipped with an analogue input.

- USB probes (standard and pneumatic): for direct connection to a PC, with TSIP software included for displaying up to 4 USB probes, with the possibility of indicating tolerances and simple functions (+ A, -A, + A + B, + AB).

- Wireless probes (standard and pneumatic): a TESA exclusivity, for applications requiring a greater freedom of movement or for dynamic measurements of large parts, also for use with a TESA VERIBOR bore gauge or a TESA QUICK-CONTROL instrument for comparative measurements. Wireless communication is bidirectional and probe synchronization is guaranteed by the TWIN Station receiver, which allows to manage and synchronize up to 8 wireless probes simultaneously.

- With detachable cable: for an ergonomic and more efficient management of measuring stations. Suitable especially for multi-gauging installations, they can be used in harsh environments thanks to their resistant and flexible cable combined with a robust connector.

- Universal probes with parallel guiding (FMS): suitable for multi-gauging fixtures, as well as machines equipped with integrated inspection routines. Their modular concept that allows to combine various elements, together with the possibility to mount them in any position and their compact and robust construction, make them extremely versatile.

- Compatible with other manufacturers’ electronic equipment.

All the measuring contacts of the various probes can be replaced or exchanged and that’s why TESA offers a wide range of inserts with different geometrical shapes and sizes.

Among the countless other accessories proposed to meet the most varied measurement requirements, there is a large choice of probe holders, clamping elements, spring sets, protection bellows, connectors, measuring bolt retraction devices, etc.

Display units and interfaces by TESA

The TESA electronic equipment sales program is completed by various display units and interfaces, which allow to manage the output signals from inductive probes:

- the series of portable TESATRONIC display units, which are equipped with one or two probe inputs and display measured values, as well as combinations of simple measurements;

- the electronic interfaces BPX (for standard half-bridge probes) or TWIN-STATION (for wireless probes), which allow to manage and synchronize several inductive probes simultaneously and to transfer data via a USB cable to a PC or to another device;

- the M4P-3 interface with analog output, which converts the signal received from 4 probes into analogue DC outputs, through an electronic circuit optimized for fast measurements, for direct connection to a PLC or to A/D converters for data acquisition by a PC.

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