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Height gauges by TESA TECHNOLOGY

Discover the catalogue Height Gauges by Tesa Technology available on Mister Worker™: 1d height gauges, 2d height gauges, measuring stations, probe inserts and probe insert holder, accessories for perpendicularity measurement and other accessories for height gauges.

Height gauges by Tesa Technology

The vertical measurement systems are 1D instruments, usually placed on a surface plate preferably in granite, that acts as a reference plane, devoted to the determination of various characteristics such as heights, thicknesses, distances, depths, internal/external diameters, etc., depending on the configuration of the associated measuring probe.
Extremely versatile, they are designed for inspection operations throughout the whole manufacturing process or directly on a machine tool and allow to perform reliable measurements during verification or sampling processes when the machining and the dimensions of parts are critical and need an accurate and immediate control.

TESA has always been the undisputed market leader of this product family; as far back as 1981 TESA already presented its first MICRO-HITE, the first microprocessor-based height gauge with fixed control panel. Over the past few years, its range has been completely renewed. It is primarily characterized by the variety of models, but also by the many application possibilities and the high performances. This wide choice allows each user to find the most suitable model for his metrological needs, but also for his financial resources.

The range is essentially divided into three groups of instruments: 1D height gauges (TESA-HITE and TESA-HITE MAGNA models), 2D height gauges (MICRO-HITE models) and a compact "all-in-one" measuring station (model µ-HITE). While offering different functions, from the basic to the most advanced ones, various features are common to all models.

- Robust construction: in addition to their spherical cast iron base, all models incorporate widely tested materials, characterized by a high stability, which is essential for their use in a workshop and provides longevity and reliability in the long term.
- Ease of use and maximum ergonomics: clear user interface, ergonomic panel and handle, context-based help, intuitive use and much more; all models are designed to be accessible to any user profile and provide the maximum comfort of use. The learning time is very short and user autonomy is quickly reached.
- Integrated patented QUICKCENTER technology to quickly and easily determine the culmination points.
- Great operational autonomy thanks to an interchangeable battery system, allowing the maximum freedom of movement.
- Flexible data management: data transmission to a PC via the TLC port (by cable or Bluetooth®) on all models; automatic creation of * .pdf reports or * .txt files on a USB stick and data printing via a USB printer for the MICRO-HITE and µ-Hite models.
- SCS (Swiss Calibration Service) calibration certificate: issued free of charge by TESA internal laboratory and delivered with each column. This ensures the traceability of each instrument to national standards and avoids any hidden additional cost for a re-certification immediately after the purchase. 

The TESA-HITE and TESA-HITE MAGNA range includes entry-level models, available in two sizes (400 and 700 mm); these manual 1D columns are specially designed for workshop measurements and equipped with essential basic functions.

The TESA-HITE MAGNA models, with their patented magnetic reading system (magna-μ-system) and their high protection degree that makes them ultra-resistant, are ideal for measurements in harsh conditions, in production environments with a high penetration of dust particles and frequent splashing of liquids (water, oil, etc.).

The TESA-HITE models, with a patented optical reading system (opto-μ-system) and an air cushion system, offer greater accuracy than the models with a magnetic system.

The MICRO-HITE range, including manual and motorized models, represents the flagship of the whole TESA height gauges family. These are universal machines intended both for workshops and laboratories, that can replace several conventional instruments and also compete with some CMMs or measuring arms. In addition to the basic 1D functions, they integrate multiple advanced functions such as: angle measurements, 2D measurements, detection of perpendicularity and straightness deviations, customized calculation functions, programming mode, tolerancing, etc.
Available in three sizes (350, 600 and 900 mm) for a total of 9 different models, they stand out from competition among other things for their robust cast iron column, which guarantees a better accuracy and stability of results in all environmental conditions. The possibility to extend the warranty free of charge up to 4 years from the date of purchase, simply by registering the product on the website, is an additional advantage offered only by TESA.

The motorized gauges MICRO-HITE + M differ from the manual models for the motorized displacements of the probe by means of their patented handwheel (FEEL & MOVE technology), that combines quick probe positioning with fluidity in the measurements process.

The TESA µ-HITE measuring station is a compact, robust and extremely accurate turnkey solution, designed both for workshops directly in production lines and for laboratories. With its measuring range of 100 mm and the possibility to perform axial and offset measurements, it is the perfect solution to measure small parts or materials requiring a low measuring force. Its use in conjunction with the MICRO-HITE control panel provides this system with the same advanced measurement functions.

Finally, TESA also offers a wide range of accessories compatible with all its height gauges, to better adapt its instruments to as many metrological needs as possible: probes of various shapes and sizes (available individually or in practical kits), probe holders, accessories for perpendicularity measurement, for cleaning and protection and for data management.