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Gauge blocks and related equipment by TESA TECHNOLOGY

On Mister Worler™ you can buy a wide range of motorised setting benches, calibration gauges, gauge blocks and accessories for gauge blocks. Discover TESA Technology complete catalogue online and contact us to request a custom quote.

As today’s manufacturing processes become more and more advanced and controlled by ever more demanding ISO standards, the quality assurance of measuring instruments used for dimensional inspection plays an increasingly important role. It is no longer enough to have a precise and reliable product, but it is also necessary to periodically ensure that these characteristics have not failed due to use. For this reason, TESA offers a series of solutions that range from traditional gauge blocks to measuring equipment intended for the calibration of other measuring instruments.

Amongst other things, ISO 9001 specifies that: "all inspection and measuring equipment than can affect product quality must be identified, calibrated and adjusted at prescribed intervals, or prior to use, against certified equipment having a known valid traceable relationship to internationally or nationally recognized standards".

Discover the range of gauge blocks by TESA Technology

Gauge blocks are certainly the most important material measure in the metrological field. TESA offers a wide range of gauge blocks in metric or inch execution, available individually or in sets of several pieces, characterized by a top quality and accuracy level, the result of a long experience in using and producing these products. Each gauge block has its own serial number marked on it.

TESA pays great attention to the choice of high-quality raw materials and to the heat treatment of these instruments, to guarantee a great dimensional and shape stability over the years. The very high accuracy in the surface finishing, which allows to have very low deviations in flatness and parallelism, the unique lapping and polishing procedures and the edge rounding techniques determine a perfect adhesion between the gauge blocks.

TESA supplies metric gauge blocks compliant with ISO 3650 standard in three different materials: steel (a special stable and wear resistant alloy), tungsten carbide (more resistant to corrosion, wear and oxidation and with a good thermal stability) and ceramic (a material that shows stability to temperature variation, extreme resistance to corrosion , wear and scratches and not subject to any magnetic influences or to oxidation) and in four different precision grades: 2, 1, 0 and K , to cover applications ranging from workshops up to the metrology laboratories of national calibration institutes. All sets are supplied with a calibration certificate issued by an accredited body; depending on the executions it may be the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) or the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (DAkkS). Thanks to a multilateral international agreement, all calibration certificates issued by the members of the European Cooperation for Accreditation of Laboratories (EA) are mutually recognized and accepted in the various countries.

Among the accessories for gauge block supplied by TESA, there are optical flats, which allow visual inspection of the flatness and adhesion of gauge blocks or any other test pieces having flat faces with the same high degree of accuracy.

Calibration gauges and motorised setting benches by TESA Technology

TESA also offers calibration gauges, the TESA UPC and UPD gauge block comparators, which are used for the calibration or the dimensional inspection of gauge blocks with a rectangular section and a nominal length between 0,5 and 100 mm.

TESA UPD is used for direct measurements of gauge blocks with a variation in nominal length of up to 25 mm or 1 in as well as for classic comparative measurements of gauge blocks with the same nominal length. On the other hand, TESA UPC is used only for comparative measurements of gauge blocks having the same nominal length. These comparators are normally used by manufacturers and users of gauge blocks, but also in the accreditation and calibration laboratories. Collected data can be managed through an electronic display unit or the dedicated TESA UP software, which allows, among other things, to manage automatic measurement cycles, assign gauge blocks to their precision grade to classify them, process measured values and output results according to EN ISO 3650.

For the setting and calibration of measuring instruments, typically comparative ones (dial gauges, lever-type dial test indicators and bore gauges), in addition to traditional standards, TESA also offers universal solutions such as TPS motorised setting benches. These benches are designed for setting and calibrating all types of instruments with 2 and 3 contact points, used for internal and external dimensions. In their standard versions they cover application fields of 300, 500 or 1000 mm; on request, benches up to 3000 mm are available.

Characterized by a reliable and robust structure, ideally suited for a direct use in the workshop, and by a great ease and speed of use, TPS benches represent a valid alternative for those who have a considerable quantity of instruments (and consequently also a lot of setting standards) as they offer the advantage of avoiding the use of a large number of ring gauges or other specific gauge blocks, which can only be used for one dimension.

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