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External micrometers by TESA TECHNOLOGY

Micrometers find application in precision measurement and, like calipers, are an essential tool for any mechanical control.

The first modern micrometer was patented in 1848 by the Parisian mechanic Jean-Laurent Palmer and even today, that instrument is the basis of external micrometers’ structure.

Its introduction into the world of mechanics is due to Joseph R. Brown and Lucian Sharpe, two American industrialists, who saw Palmer's invention at the Universal Exposition in Paris in 1867 and brought it to success, after having made some improvements. The large-scale production and marketing of this product thus began.

For TESA, the external micrometer was the first measuring instrument of its production in 1941, when inventing the MINMETAL® it associated its newly created brand to metrology for the first time.

The micrometer also marked other important steps in the history of TESA.

It was also said that in 1996 TESA “reinvented” the micrometer with its MICROMASTER®, proving its great ability to innovate a range of classic products. Available in various models, this micrometer is characterized by its exclusive design and its capacitive measuring system -the “CAPAµSYSTEM®” - protected by numerous international patents and developed by Swiss engineers in ultra-modern assembly cells, to guarantee the SWISS MADE quality label. 

All TESA micrometers are characterized by:

- a robust construction, to assure longevity and reliability over time;
- the high-quality standard of all their components;
- a high resistance to strong mechanical stresses;
- their high-precision ground micrometric spindle, which allows to have a very low measurement uncertainty;
- great ergonomics associated with an innovative design.

All TESA micrometers respect the Abbe principle, that is to measure and read on the same axis.

The range is completed by accessories such as: stands, setting standards and optical flats for checking the flatness and parallelism of the measuring faces of micrometers.

TESA also offers some tool sets, including a caliper and a micrometer, in electronic or analogue version, ideal as a basic kit for workshops and apprentices.

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