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Dial gauges by TESA TECHNOLOGY

Discover the catalogue of Dial Gauges by Tesa Technology available on Mister Worker™: Standard Analogue Dial Gauges, Premium Analogue Dial Gauges, Digital Indicators, Measuring Inserts and Accessories For Dial Gauges. 

Dial gauges are usually used to check the shape errors of a part and for comparative measurements between the dimensions of the part under examination and a reference part, in applications that involve small displacements. They can be used, for instance, to detect parallelism, flatness or perpendicularity errors of a surface, to measure a small displacement of an object, to verify the cylindricity and straightness of a circumference with respect to an axis. For their proper use, all dial gauges have to be mounted on a measuring support, on which their measuring shaft is fixed.

For more than 60 years TESA has been producing and distributing a wide range of easy-to-use and versatile dial gauges. This great experience allows to offer a wide choice of different models.

According to their reading system, they are divided into:

electronic indicators with combined analogue/digital display, the result of the latest technologies, compatible with the TESA TLC-BLE Bluetooth® connectivity system;
mechanical dial gauges equipped with high-precision movements and double-action shockproof mechanisms, with various readings (0,1, 0,01, 0,002 or 0,001 mm) and measuring spans (from ± 0,08 mm for models with short measuring travel up to 100 mm for long travel models).

 While choosing a dial gauge, the type of reading is quite important. Digital indication offers the advantage of an error-free reading of measured values as there is no need to read the multiple fractions of scale divisions. On the other hand, analogue indication offers the advantage of being able to smoothly adjust according to the increase or decrease of the dimension to be measured on the workpiece. This type of indication is especially suitable for dynamic measurements, to detect for instance axial and radial runout errors.

Electronic indicators of the TESA DIGICO® range provide many additional functions compared to the mechanical models: ABS/REL measuring modes, display rotation through 270°, counting sense reversal, graphical display of tolerance limits, PRESET function, storage of the maximum and minimum values, up to the most advanced functions for internal measurements of the 705 model to be used together with a bore gauge, etc. These are only some of their main features that allow to meet the most varied metrological needs.

TESA analogue dial gauges are divided in two categories: “PREMIUM Quality” and “Standard”.

The first combine excellent metrological properties with extra-long life and are characterized by:

- the use of the best and most wear-resistant materials for a higher accuracy and an above average product life;
- smooth and regular travel, entirely jewel-mounted movement;
- full-metal dial casing and bezel;
- shockproof mechanism in both directions of plunger movement;
- non-reflecting dial.

The "Standard" range offers a wide choice of robust and cost-effective dial gauges, without obviously losing the accuracy characteristics required by the EN ISO 463 standard.

The product line is completed by a wide range of accessories, including several inserts with M2 and M2,5 threads and with measuring surfaces of various shapes and sizes, extensions, plunger retraction devices to be mounted on the top or bottom stem and mounting backs with central or offset lug.

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