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Connectivity by TESA TECHNOLOGY

Wireless or cable data transmission systems are fundamental instruments for quality control in all industrial sectors: choose the quality of Tesa Technology’s wireless transmission systems, cables for connectivity and data processing software!

At a time when data centralization and their real-time accessibility is becoming a major issue in the pursuit of productivity, connectivity is no longer highlighted as an advantage but rather as an indispensable feature. Quality control, traceability and cost reduction are increasingly important in all industrial sectors. This requires not only the use of high-quality metrology instruments, but also software allowing appropriate analysis and management of measurements as well as cable or wireless connections to optimize production processes, improve quality and create all the necessary documents to guarantee an optimal level of traceability.

Discover the innovative Wireless Connectivity Solutions by Tesa Technology!

For this reason, TESA has recently developed the new wireless Bluetooth® connectivity solution TESA TLC-BLE, extremely simple and cheap. The majority of TESA digital instruments can be easily upgraded with this solution, based on a type of technology that makes the communication of signals to storage systems very stable, avoiding interferences, even if in the same environment there are several data collection stations in close-set spaces.

The system is made up of the TESA TLC-BLE Bluetooth® emitter, which is applied to the instrument preserving its degree of protection and a USB dongle receiver to be connected to the PC. If the computer already integrates Bluetooth® 4.0 technology (available with Windows 10 release > 1703, Creators Update), the use of the receiver is not needed. A USB dongle can be used to connect up to 8 instruments, while the use of multiple dongles allows to connect up to 40 instruments at the same time.

Combined with the free DATA-VIEWER software that can be downloaded directly from TESA website, this configuration becomes optimal for a professional, customizable and safe reception of measured values over the long term. DATA-VIEWER is an ultra-simple software dedicated only to TESA instruments, with USB cable or Bluetooth® connection, that allows to handle and export in real time results to a data processing program or to automatically create files in common formats such as * .xls , * .csv or * .txt. The software acts as a "bridge" transferring measurements to other applications where they can be further processed according to individual needs. This configuration offers a great potential to manage data (measurement reports, basic statistical analyses….) and allows more demanding users to connect also to powerful software like Q-DAS, largely used in big companies.

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TESA offers two other software for the management and statistical process of data. DATA-DIRECT is a user-friendly software allowing to collect and exploit in real time measurement data coming from the majority of TESA digital instruments or from products of other best-known brands available on the market. It allows to transfer values to worksheets, databases, statistical modules or other external applications.

STAT-EXPRESS is a SPC (Statistical Process Control) software, which integrates the DATA-DIRECT module and represents a simple way to develop measurement programs from which it is possible to calculate in real time all the main numerical and graphical statistical characteristics, including individual value charts, XR control charts, histogram, etc. Quick to learn, it also manages detailed measurement reports automatically.

TESA also offers several types of cable connections between measuring instruments and the PC, with different connectors according to products (TLC, USB, opto-RS232, Sub-D).

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