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Calipers are the most popular dimensional measuring instruments used in the world. Their simple construction and their ease of handling and use make them the favourite tools of all type of users.

The wide range offered by TESA allows to meet the most varied measurement demands universal, workshop, depth or special models, either in digital version (with or without data output) or in dial or vernier execution, every operator can find the execution that best fits his needs.

The superior quality of TESA calipers guarantees reliable measurements over time, even in case of harsh industrial conditions and intensive use, as typical of many workshops.

Among the main features of TESA calipers stand out:

- the flawless guide of the slider, with a sliding quality on the beam above the average of the instruments available on the market;
- great ergonomics, for an optimal comfort of use;
- the high wear and corrosion resistance, thanks to a careful choice of materials and particular heat treatments;
- robust construction, to guarantee longevity and long-term reliability;
- the inductive measuring system of electronic models, a technology developed by TESA to reach the highest measurement accuracy.

The electronic calipers of the TWIN-CAL family are characterized by their unique integrated data output TLC (TESA Link Connector), which offers evolutionary performance with a possible upgrade. Two types of cable (USB or Digimatic) or the TLC-BLE wireless transmitter can be connected instead of the battery cap, even at a later stage, to allow bidirectional communication between the instrument and the computer, while maintaining the IP67 protection.

The CCMA dial model, a historic flagship of TESA, deserves a particular mention. Its technology was patented in the 1970s by TESA and is based on a rack equipped with an exclusive shockproof system, made from the same components used in the manufacture of Swiss watches, inserted between the mobile measuring element and the mechanism connected to dial pointer. This unique system guarantees reliable measurements even in case of shock and an exceptional long-life of the instrument.