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2-point measuring instruments by TESA TECHNOLOGY

Discover a selection of the best precision 2-point measuring instruments by Tesa Technology, one of the most important brands in the field of professional measurement. On Mister Worker™ you can find, for example, the universal gauge UNIMASTER and a wide choice of instruments for large dimension measurements, thickness measurements and measuring benches.

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Large sizes in mechanical engineering generally mean dimensions that exceed 500 mm. TESA is a specialist for long lengths and offers a truly unique measuring instrument for large dimensions from 250 mm up to several meters: the universal gauge UNIMASTER.
It is the most accurate measuring instrument for large dimensions on the market, which allows direct or comparative measurements of internal and external dimensions. Portable instrument, to be used on large parts that can hardly be transported, robust and easy to handle, it can also be used in difficult conditions, directly on the machine and positioned both vertically and horizontally.

TESA UNIMASTER is based on the principle of an internal micrometer with two-point contact with the workpiece. The assembly on the measuring element of extensions with built-in gauge rods allows to directly check any dimension within the application range.
The great advantage it offers is the considerable saving of time and costs thanks to the fact that, even for measurements greater than one meter, only the measuring element is set by means of a certified master of 250 mm. This allows to save on the purchase of voluminous and expensive setting standards.
The extensions used to create the necessary measuring range have a known and certified maximum permissible error, they are built with an internal mechanical system that keeps the measurement reference rod in suspension and makes them isolated from thermal variations.

The 25 mm range of the measuring element permits the absolute measurement of the part size. The guaranteed constant pressure on the part ensures that the measurement is completely independent from the operator's sensitivity. The stability of measurements is guaranteed by the shockproof system, by the negligible deflection and by the thermal protection of the extensions against the heat caused by the operator's hands. Furthermore, the constant measuring force provides an optimal repeatability and the integrated dial indicator allows a very simple search of the culmination point.

The various accessories available, including several interchangeable measuring inserts and a suspension system, make it very versatile and also suitable for the detection of shape errors.

2-Point Comparative Measurements: Tesa VERIBOR and VERIBOR LIGHT

For 2-point comparative measurements, TESA offers two families of bore gauges:

  • VERIBOR LIGHT for comparative measurements of bores from 18 to 150 mm and the detection of form errors. They automatically self-center in the bore and can be used with a dial gauge, a precision indicator or any other electronic probe with a Ø 8h6 clamping stem;
  • The more classic TESA VERIBOR, for comparative measurements of bores from 4,5 up to 550 mm and the detection of form errors. The correct alignment of the instrument in the bore is guaranteed by the centring shoe, while the circular element fixed on the instrument ensures an excellent repeatability. Also characterized by their insensitivity to thermal variations thanks to the invar steel body and by the high wear resistance of the tungsten carbide ball tips of their measuring bolts and anvils, they can be equipped with an analogue or digital dial gauge or with an electronic probe with a Ø 8 mm stem.

The extensions supplied as optional accessories allow to extend the application range or to increase the measuring depth of the instruments.

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