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Small Parts Storage by TERRY

Terry storage solutions are perfect to keep all your small parts in order and to find the right nut or bolt quickly when you need it. On Mister Worker™ you can find the complete catalogue of Terry Storage Milano, which includes a wide variety of metal picking bins, storage bins, small parts organizers and drawer chests with great discounts. Check them out!

Organizing small parts in a precise way is essential to speed up your work, without wasting time finding small parts around your workplace. Buying modular storage bins or organizers for small parts is therefore essential to keep all your tools in order and Terry has the right solution for any storage need that you may have: choose among a wide variety of metal or plastic picking bins, modular storage boxes or portable organizers and chests of drawers for small parts.

Buy Terry’s Small Parts Storage Solutions Online: On Mister Worker™ you can find Plastic and Metal Storage Bins!

Within the category dedicated to Terry plastic storage bins you can find the products of the well-known Terry EcoBox product line in different sizes. These small storage boxes are resistant, solid and they’re available in different colours. Some of the most common types of Terry picking bins, really appreciated by our customers, are the EcoBox 111 or the Ecobox 112. These little small parts organizers are available in different colours (green, blue and red), they’re made of really resistant plastic and they’re stackable. This last feature comes in really handy for example if you work in a mechanical workshop: they’re a great solution to organize your work table at best.

On Mister Worker™ you can find plastic storage bins but also metal picking bins. Among these modular small parts organizers, available in various dimensions, we recommend the Terry MetalBox 3, the perfect container for small industrial parts, resistant to both impacts and rust.
Finally, if you are looking for modular picking bins, we recommend you choose the Terry Union Box E: it is a 30,7x50x19 cm container in thermoplastic resin that is connectable on three sides, particularly robust and suitable for keeping in order all those small objects that are used on a daily basis in workshops, warehouses and factories.

Discover the Best Drawer Chests and Small Parts Organizers by Terry Storage

Terry also offers a wide range of modular drawer units, portable drawer units and organizers for small parts made of resistant resin with a variable number of drawers. These are very comfortable solutions for storing small pieces, as you can simply place these storage solutions on your working space. The small parts drawer cabinets with handle are very appreciated by our customers, in particular by the professionals who need to carry their tools often. An example of our best sellers is Terry's Pro Organizer 16: this resin organizer is equipped with a transparent lid and is particularly resistant. Its retractable handle can be easily removed and it has 5 compartments with 15 movable dividers that allow you to keep small parts sorted even when you carry it around.

In the Mister Worker™ catalogue you will find these and other small parts storage solutions, each designed to meet specific professional needs. Do not miss the opportunity to buy Terry products at discounted prices: visit our section dedicated to Terry special offers, where you will find outdoor cabinets, storage boxes, toolboxes and much more on offer!