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Small Parts Storage by TERRY

Those who work in a hardware store or in a mechanical workshop know how important it is to keep order among the small parts. The Terry small parts organisers are ideal for perfectly organizing every small component: from the picking bins to the tool boxes, in the catalog of Mister Worker™ there is everything you need.

Organizing small parts accurately and with criteria is essential to speed up your work, without wasting time finding small parts around your workshop or hardware. There are many models of terry small parts, each ideal for a certain environment.

Terry picking bins, for example, are the most suitable solution for stacking: available both in plastic and in metal, to be chosen carefully according to the small parts they must contain, they can be stacked and can be used to create a stable structure within one's work space. The plastic wolf-shaped containers are available in different colors, to better find what you need, and they are solid and resistant; metal wedges, on the other hand, are perfect for industrial material and are resistant to both impacts and rust.

The Terry small drawer units, available in various models according to your needs, are also very comfortable to put on your workbench. Very popular with our customers are the drawer cabinets with handles, ideal for those who often work away from home: the retractable handle is easily removable, and the drawers are equipped with internal dividers that allow you to keep the small parts ordered even when you bring it around.

In the catalog of Mr. Worker™ you will find these and other small parts organizers, each one designed to meet specific professional needs.