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Shelving Units by TERRY

Terry combo shelves, both fixed or adjustable, are very useful to enrich the garage, the cellar or the workshop: they are the ideal choice when you need to keep order between work equipment and other objects, keeping them always within reach of hand.

Both in the garage and in the workshop, it is all too often to find yourself stacking old tools, objects that are no longer used, and other materials that are not currently usable in a corner. Equipped with durable and spacious shelving helps to optimize space and maintain order, while having everything always at hand and being able to make a quick inventory.

Terry shelves are available in two models: fixed or modular, in plastic or metal, ideal for both indoors and outdoors. They are easily washable, resistant, equipped with height adjustable shelves and with a capacity up to 50 kg (120 kg in the metal version). They can be fixed to the wall and have adjustable feet, so as to guarantee maximum stability even in the presence of an irregular floor. In the Mister Worker™ catalog, Terry shelves with ventilated shelves are also available, equipped with holes that allow air to circulate and prevent the formation of moisture and mold.

All Terry shelves in the Mr. Worker™ range have been carefully selected and passed quality tests to ensure that the shelves do not become deformed or damaged over time. However, you should always remember to arrange the objects intelligently on the various shelves, placing the weight homogeneously.