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Multipurpose Boxes by TERRY

Terry plastic boxes are the best allies for those who need to keep order in their home or office. In the Mister Worker™ catalog you can find the complete range of Terry boxes and choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Terry multipurpose plastic containers and boxes are indispensable both at home and in the office, because they allow you to quickly archive all objects or documents that are used little and only create disorder. They are also very useful for storing important documents, because they have anti-dust closures and are made of resistant and moisture-proof plastic. Terry multipurpose boxes are practical, light and spacious, ideal for keeping your work space in perfect order.

The Terry plastic boxes are available in many variations, all made of impact-resistant scratch-resistant plastic: some are equipped with practical handles, to facilitate movement in any situation, making it even easier to keep order. The box Terry Milano Box V20, for example, is perfect for storing cleaning products: it is without lid and allows you to quickly reach its contents, and the side handles are designed to allow the movement in a comfortable and fast way. And again, the Terry Home Box is designed to be superimposed on containers of the same model and is available in different sizes: 25 liters, 40 liters or 60 liters, to choose carefully based on what you need to store.

When it comes to tidying up your home or office, Terry containers are the best allies. Discover the Terry 2018 catalog from Mr. Worker™ now!