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Indoor and Outdoor Cabinets by TERRY

Always a symbol of practicality and quality, Terry Storage cabinets are the perfect solution to keep all your objects safe and in order. On Mister Worker™ you can find several models of Terry plastic cabinets for every need, suitable for both outdoors and indoors, and characterized by their particularly resistant structure!

Terry outdoor furniture is well known all over the world: it is practical, light weighted, resistant and easy to clean. On Mister Worker™ you can find them in various models, that distinguish themselves for finish, colour and design. Are you looking for an amazing Terry storage cabinet? Choose between our selection of outdoor plastic cabinets, an excellent compromise not only for your workshop or office but even for domestic environments thanks to their sophisticated design. On Mister Worker™ you can buy all Terry's best-selling outdoor and indoor cabinets: take a look at the C-Rattan, C-Wood, J-Line, J-Rattan, Jumbo QBlack, JWood, Twist Black and Wave series!

Discover the entire Terry Catalog of Outdoor and Indoor Cabinets and Cupboards on Mister Worker™!

Among the best known Terry outdoor storage cabinets and cupboards there are those with Rattan effect: they’re particularly elegant, shockproof and scratchproof. If you are looking for a resin cabinet, characterized by their maximum resistance, that can be used both indoors and outdoors, we recommend you check out our section dedicated to the J-LINE plastic cabinets, by far the most appreciated line of cabinets by our international customers.
In particular, the absolute best-seller out of Terry’s catalogue of resin cabinets is the JLINE 368 outdoor cabinet (size 68x37.5x163.5 cm), which you can buy discounted on Mister Worker™. This very resistant plastic outdoor cabinet is characterized by the possibility to customize it to your specific needs thanks to the 4 adjustable inner shelves that come with it. Thanks to these shelves it is also possible to store in this cabinet even small objects. Particularly stable thanks to its robust non-slip feet, this cabinet is perfect not only for terraces or balconies and other outdoor environments, but also for garages or workshops; in addition, it has a secure lock with where you can place a padlock (to be purchased separately) and its two doors open at 180°, allowing you to fill and empty the wardrobe quickly and easily.
Other interesting cabinets and cupboards of this category are surely the JLine 268, which has the same characteristics of the outdoor cabinet described above and 3 adjustable inner shelves, and the smaller version JLine 68 with 1 shelf, very practical and sturdy.

Buy Waterproof Outdoor Cabinets by Terry Storage Milano on Mister Worker™!

If you are looking for a waterproof outdoor cabinet, we recommend you visit the section dedicated to Jumbo QBlack resin cabinets with broom holder; what distinguishes these cabinets from the others is that they’re shock absorbent. We recommend Terry's Jumbo3900, this XL cabinet is robust and very spacious, it has two doors and 4 shelves, made of high quality and resistant plastics. This wardrobe has a reinforced structure that make it very stable, durable and easy to assemble.
If, instead, you’d like a small outdoor storage cabinet, the Terry J-Wood 68 cabinet is the right one for you: despite its rather small size (68x37.5x91.5 cm), this wardrobe is particularly resistant and you can store large quantities of objects in it. In addition, it is equipped with two doors with an internal shelf with a maximum capacity of 20 kg, it has comfortable anti-slip feet so that is can adapt itself perfectly to the floor on which it is positioned and it has a elegant faux wood finish.

In the Mister Worker™ you can find the complete catalogue of Terry plastic cabinets, available for immediate delivery wherever you are in the world: choose one of the large and roomy Twist Black cabinets or one of elegant J-Rattan Cabinets! And if you need assistance, contact our customer service: our team will be happy to provide you with more information about any Terry product and help you choose the most suitable outdoor cabinet for you!