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Closet Storage Boxes by TERRY

When the wardrobe drawers are not enough, the Terry boxes come into play. Spacing and resistant, they are ideal for storing bulky items and keeping them away from dust. In the Mister Worker™ catalog you will find a vast assortment to meet your every need.

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Closet Storage Boxes TERRY

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In the Terry Milano Storage 2018 catalog there are numerous containers for plastic cabinets, designed to keep your wardrobe tidy. Available in various sizes, they are designed especially for storing blankets and duvets at the end of the season, and keeping them away from dust and moisture.

Terry containers for multipurpose cabinets are practical transparent scratch-resistant plastic boxes with side handles, comfortable to move and available in various sizes. They are also very practical to hold bathrobes and towels, and are modular. In this way you can customize your wardrobe, organizing it as you see fit.

Terry boxes for cabinets are designed to keep their bedroom in order: the plastic they are made of is of the highest quality, resistant to impact and scratches; moreover, the Terry containers are equipped with lids that close perfectly, preventing dust from entering and protecting all the objects they contain. Mister Worker™ knows how important it is to keep your home tidy, organizing spaces in an intelligent way, and this is why it offers the full range of Terry containers at a special price.