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There are a large number of different adhesive tapes, each with its own characteristics: aluminum adhesive tape for repairs, double-sided adhesive tape, hydraulic tape, insulating tape, cloth tape, anti-slip tape... all available in Mister Worker™ catalog.

When we speak of professional adhesive tapes, we are immersed in a very wide and varied world, characterized by a variety of types of adhesive tape. The most widespread adhesive tape in the world, useful for many uses, is definitely the double sided tape: it is a tape used for mounting and fixing objects on walls and floors, and there are various types and with different resistances according to the material on which it is necessary to apply it. In the Mister Worker™ catalog there is also the famous TESA Powerbond double sided tape, which guarantees maximum grip and high adhesion. The adhesive tapes for floors are usually much stronger than those for the walls, but there are also double-sided adhesive tapes for mounting mirrors that have a sealing capacity equal to that of a specific glue.

Another very common adhesive tape is the packaging tape, the classic packaging tape we all know, available in the classic brown ribbon variant, but also transparent or with the word FRAGILE, useful for packaging delicate goods. When there is the need to carry out precise and numerous packaging, it is also useful to buy a dispenser for adhesive tapes, which speeds up the process: the new models of tape dispenser are equipped with a belt tension control system and have a comfortable grip rubber, to ensure a firm and secure grip.

A type of tape very professional and required above all by electricians is the insulating tape: it is a plastic tape with an adhesive side that allows its fixing. The latest insulating tapes are self-extinguishing and resistant to abrasion, as well as being very flexible, ideal for electrical insulation in harnesses. They are able to isolate electrical conductors perfectly, making the work area safe: however, you must always carefully clean the surface on which to apply it, because the dust can cancel the effect of the glue and make sure that the tape does not adhere perfectly. The hydraulic hose is also highly professional. It can be made of silicone or Teflon: it is a self-caking tape, which can then fix itself to the surface without glue, creating a tight and permanent seal.

In the Mister Worker™ catalog there is a vast range of adhesive tapes for all uses: from strong double-sided adhesive tape to masking tape, from non-slip strips to masking tape, you are spoiled for choice!