This category includes low alloyed carbon steels, stainless steel wires and rods, Aluminium-Magnesium alloys and copper alloys for welding for welding and produced by Stella Welding Alloys and generally used in brazing and welding operations.

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When it comes to steel, iron is the predominant element, with a carbon content of no more than 2%. They are called low-alloy carbon steels or even mild steels. The higher the carbon content, the greater its resistance, but it also becomes more difficult to weld with the normal electrodes used for mild steel. Alloy steels are alloys composed of Iron and Carbon with the addition of other elements that improve the chemical structure: for example, in the catalogue we can find some compositions with Chromium, Nickel and Boron.

The majority of stainless steels have excellent weldability and, if the welding operation is carried out correctly, also characteristics similar to the base material from the point of view of mechanical resistance, resistance to corrosion and aesthetics. The Stella Welding Alloys catalogue features stainless steel wires and rods for TIG or MIG welding operations. The TIG technique (Tungsten Inert Gas) is an arc welding process with tungsten infusible electrode, which takes place during the emission of an inert gas protection: it allows you to make joints of high quality. MIG welding (Metal-arc Inert Gas) is defined as a continuous wire welding bath protected by the emission of an inert gas: the technique is highly appreciated because it is cheaper than electrode welding, but also because it allows high productivity and good flexibility of use.

This cathegory contains the aluminium, aluminium-silicon and aluminium-magnesium alloys, also known as "light alloys". The addition of elements (such as magnesium) to aluminium improves mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. They are supplied as rods, wires or rings, and are used for welding with TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) or MIG (Metal-arc Inert Gas) techniques. These alloys are characterised by strength, ductility, toughness and hardness. On Mister Worker™ you can find the catalogue of aluminium-magnesium alloys for welding of Stella Welding Alloys: contact the customer service if you need technical or commercial consultancy, or to request an advantageous quote.

The most common copper alloys used in welding include copper-silicon, copper-aluminium and copper-nickel. Some of these alloys are also suitable for brazing. The copper-based alloys in the Stella Welding Alloys catalogue are used for welding with TIG or MIG techniques. MIG welding (Metal-arc Inert Gas) is a continuous wire process in which the weld pool is protected by the emission of an inert gas, which flows from the torch directly on the material. This technique, developed after the Second World War, has become increasingly important: it is both relatively cheap and easy to produce a large number of welded products every year. TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas) is an arc welding process with an infusible tungsten electrode, which also takes place under inert gas protection. It is chosen because it results in high quality joints, but requires highly skilled workers.