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The brazing and welding alloys of Stella Welding Alloys are among the best on the market, made with high quality almost with artisan care. They can be in the form of bare and coated bars, strips, rings, plates, discs, washers, pieces, small arches, preforms, pastes, powders, and deoxidizers. Here is a quick overview of some of the best offers in the catalog of brazing and welding alloys on Mister Worker™.

Affordable Prices on Brazing and Welding Alloys

Among the best promotions in the special offers section, we find Cadmium-free Silver alloys, particularly suitable for brazing ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Their main feature is that they do not contain Cadmium. Therefore, they comply with the RoHS Directive, and are divided into alloys with tin (see a href=" ">Ag56Sn), with lower melting temperature, and those without tin (like the Ag40). Always in the context of Silver Alloys, we include one in particular for special applications: Ag49MnNi , with the addition of Nickel which allows brazing on materials that are difficult to weld and increases the resistance to corrosion, and with the addition of Manganese which improves brazing on hard metal.

Offers on Deoxidizers and Braze-Welding Alloys

Again with Silver, trimetallic strips for brazing hard metal, for instance Ag49MnNi/1 TR, are also available. Then, we have to mention the special offers on Copper-Phosphorus Alloys (such as Ag2CuP), and, more generally, Copper Alloys and Brass for general use (for example Cu59ZnMn).

Furthermore, the offers on deoxidizers, available in various forms (powders, pastes, and liquids), are not to be missed. Those on offer are deoxidizers for Silver alloys (FLUX AG1 for general use), and deoxidizers for soft alloys (FLUX SN1 for general purpose). Deoxidizers are fundamental chemical compounds for brazing as they allow the joint to be cleaned before performing the operation. Mainly, the deoxidizers clean the surface from the oxidation of the air, and clean the filler metals from the metal oxides that are created during the brazing.

Mister Worker™ is Official Retailer of Stella Welding Alloys

Mister Worker™ is aware of the importance of alloys and products for brazing and welding, so it has dedicated broad area to special offers. Remember that Mister Worker™ is the official retailer of high quality Stella Welding Alloys products, and guarantees you great prices and promotions. Check this page often to stay updated on the most competitive prices on the market. For each technical or commercial question, our award-winning < href="">customer service is at your disposal: we will provide you with support and personalized quotes, without any commitment.