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Soft Soldering Brazing Alloys by STELLA WELDING ALLOYS

Used in many contexts, the soft-soldering alloys in the Stella Welding Alloys catalogue present tin alloys in different compositions, with silver, copper, lead, antimony and zinc.

Soft Soldering Brazing Alloys STELLA WELDING ALLOYS

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Soft alloys, or soft solders, are tin alloys for soft brazing, i.e. those operations in which the filler material has a melting temperature lower than 450 °C. Tin brazing is used in many fields, especially in electronics. Although initially the lead-tin alloy was the most used one (the best known is SnPb60/40), following the RoHS regulation (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive-RoHS, regulation 2002/95/EC), the majority of the production started to converge on copper-tin alloys or silver-tin alloys. They are mainly used for stainless steel and aluminium, electronics, electrical engineering and electromechanics. For any commercial or technical need you can contact our award-winning support service: technical consultants and professional operators are ready to help you in your choice or to prepare customized quotes.