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Fluxes For Brazing And Braze-Welding by STELLA WELDING ALLOYS

In the Stella Welding Alloys catalogue you can find brazing and brazing fluxes in the form of powder, paste or liquid. Among the available ranges are liquid fluxes for braze welding, those for aluminium and soft alloys, those for silver and brass alloys.

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Fluxes For Brazing And Braze-Welding STELLA WELDING ALLOYS

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The cleaning phase of the joint to be brazed is essential before brazing. The brazing fluxes are part of this process, they are chemical compounds that contribute to the cleaning of the filler metal. Among the main characteristics, it protects the surfaces against air oxidation and cleans from the metal oxides that appear during the brazing phase. In addition, it must have a lower melting point than the filler material and must not decompose at the maximum temperature that will be reached with brazing. In Mister Worker™ we are aware of the importance of fluxes, so we have a whole category dedicated to them. For any technical or commercial information you can contact our customer service: we will be happy to provide you with support according to your needs.

It may be necessary to work with materials that are difficult to weld, such as stainless steel, hard metal, nickel and its alloys. Silver based alloys for special applications use special chemical composition formulas to work on a certain type of application; for example, the addition of Manganese improves brazing on hard metal, while the addition of Nickel helps to braze on difficult to weld materials mentioned above and also increases resistance to corrosion over time. Each formula has its own specificity, whether it is alloys with indium (suitable for welding materials that are then subject to TiN coating, i.e. titanium nitride), copper-free alloys (resistant to ammonia) and zinc-free alloys (suitable for brazing in the furnace and ideal when it comes to brazing stainless steels).