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Brass Brazing Alloys by STELLA WELDING ALLOYS

In this category are exposed four main brazing alloys of Stella Welding Alloys: brasses for general applications, brasses with nickel addition, high temperature brasses for special applications, and copper alloys.


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Rods, wires, strips, preforms, powders and pastes: these are all the formats to supply the brass and high temperature copper alloys, which are quite economical compared to other alloys. Among these we find the brass for general use, which can be used for both brazing and braze-welding; the liquid flux is delivered directly through the flame of the torch. The braze-welding uses filler materials with higher melting temperatures compared to those for strong brazing, therefore usually higher than 700 °C: the alloys used are in fact typically the brasses, which melt at temperatures around 800 °C. In the catalogue there are also copper alloys at high temperatures, with melting intervals ranging from a minimum of 880-920 °C to a maximum of 1085-1100 °C.