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In the Mister Worker™ catalog there are various models of screwdrivers and Stanley inserts: T-keys, screwdrivers, insert holders, screwdriver sets... each one carefully selected by our experts, to allow every professional to find the most suitable tool for own needs.

Stanley screwdrivers are highly resistant professional hand tools, ideal for carrying out a large number of different jobs. On Mister Worker™ they are available both individually and in convenient sets, suitable for those who need to work on different types of screws. Stanley inserts and insert holders are also available, ideal for those who want to create their own custom screwdrivers to carry with them.

For example, in the Mr. Worker™ catalog you will find the set of 6 Stanley Fatmax Diamond Tip FMHT0-62062 screwdrivers: the diamond-tipped technology allows a perfect coupling between the tip and the screw, greatly reducing the risk of screwdriver leakage and thus ensuring a long life of the tool. The handle is in a special material: the inner layer is injected directly on the bar, while the outside is in polypropylene and TPR to ensure optimal grip and comfort. The tip is hardened and diamond-coated, while the body is in steel bonded to chrome vanadium: it has a hole in the handle for wall storage, and the color at the end identifies the type of tip.

Stanley screwdrivers have always been synonymous with quality and reliability, which is why they are continually chosen by professionals all over the world. On Mister Worker™ you will often find unmissable special Stanley offers, designed to allow you to renew your work equipment with high-quality professional tools at a great price.