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In the Mister Worker™ catalog you can find a wide range of robust and resistant saws and Stanley blades, designed for the processing of any material: saws, hacksaws, frames, blades and accessories, all available for immediate delivery.

Stanley saws and saws are among the best on the market, because they combine ergonomics and strength to perfection. On Mr. Worker™ you will find the complete Stanley 2018 catalog, with a rich selection of saws, blades and spare parts.

If you need to cut PVC panels, the ideal tool is the Stanley Fatmax® ST-389 saw: the 1 mm thick double-bevel saw blade is specially designed to cut PVC, and to be used in tight places, and hardened induction to make it even more resistant. The ergonomic handle in bi-material ABS makes the use comfortable even for prolonged periods. If you are looking for a mechanical mitre box, you can opt for the Stanley ST-409 Dynagrip: the structure is in aluminum and steel and has the possibility to choose between 7 different cutting angles. The handle is always ergonomic and bi-material, to always have maximum comfort during use, and the blade is induction hardened with the ability to adjust the depth of the cut.

If you need saws, saws, hacksaws or Stanley replacement blades, Mister Worker™ is the online store of professional tools for you. If you need more information about the products in the catalog or if you do not find what you are looking for, call us on +39 02 9143 3257: our team of experts will know how to help you and will follow you in the purchase process.