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In the Mister Worker™ catalogue you can find a wide range of Stanley knives and cutters, hand tools commonly used by any maintenance professional. Check out our Fatmax XL knives with fixed or retractable blade, a variety of box cutters and of spare blades for your Stanley knives!

Stanley is well-known all over the world for the production of cutting tools such as knives and cutters that distinguish themselves for their compactness and their easily interchangeable blades. This is why, if you are looking for cutters, multi-function knives or replacement blades, Stanley is the right choice for you! As a Stanley official distributor, Mister Worker™ offers you the entire range of Stanley tools, included the reliable and resistant Fatmax knives, ideal for cutting any type of material in a very precise and easy way.

Stanley Utility Knives, Fatmax Knives and Cutters For Sale Online

Are you wondering which is the best Stanley knife? Have a look at the wide range of cutting tools available on Mister Worker™: you will find the best lightweighted Stanley knives with retractable or fixed blade, multipurpose carbide knives, safety and electrician knives.
Let us talk you through a few of the best knives in our catalogue:
One of our best sellers is the
0-10-819 Stanley fatmax retractable knife, available in packs of 6 pieces: this ergonomically designed folding utility knife is perfect for all cutting needs, it is comfortable and easy to use. Another great option is the fatmax retractable utility knife. Its metal body and its bi-material ergonomic handle allow for comfortable use even for a prolonged period. Moreover, it can hold up to 5 blades and it gives you the possibility to change the blade easily and quickly.
If, instead, you prefer a Fatmax knife with fixed blade, you should consider buying the Fatmax XL 0-10-818: this tool, bigger than standard utility knives, is highly durable thanks to its die cast aluminium housing and its blade is extremely effective and can be replaced easily.

Finally, if you’re searching for the best compact knife in the Stanley tools range, check out the
stanley 0-10-598, a great folding pocket knife with metal body perfect for daily use. This lightweight Stanley knife guarantees maximum security during use because it closes with a simple spring mechanism that enables the blade to be locked securely in the extended position or stored safely within the body.
Other interesting product categories that you can find in this sections are box cutters, essential tools to cut through big and bulky materials as quick as possible, used in several work environments, and multifunctional knives. Mister Worker™ has got the right solution for you even if you’re looking for Stanley knife blades such as the general purpose light duty blades: in our online shop you will surely find the perfect blade for your Stanley knives!