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In the Mister Worker™ catalog you can find a wide range of Stanley files and planes, all available for immediate delivery in 24 hours. You will also find hoppers, rasps, planers, blades and accessories to make your work equipment even more complete.

Working on wood requires the use of specific tools, which can not damage the surface and work it gently and accurately. Stanley files, rasps, planes and planers are wood-specific professional tools that are ideal for smooth and precise sanding and filing. In addition, Stanley blades and parts are also available on Mr. Worker™, to personalize your hand tool and to use it on various types of wood.

The flagship tool of the Stanley catalog is undoubtedly the planer, appreciated both by carpenters and professionals who have to work on various types of materials and make them uniform and well polished. On Mister Worker™ you can find the highly appreciated Stanley ST-416 planer, a professional and elegant model with cherry wood handle and knob. The body is made of steel with brass adjustment screws, and is equipped with a ground base and steel iron with a thickness increased by 3mm. In addition, the blade holder and the adjustment mechanism are in a single block, which makes this planer solid and safe to use, as well as very reliable over time.

If you need more information on Stanley planes and files available on Mr. Worker™, or if you need to buy a large quantity and want a personalized quote, please write to [email protected]: our customer service will respond as soon as possible, trying to meet your professional needs.