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Are you looking for professional nail tools? In the Mister Worker™ catalog, many Stanley nail models are available, made of highly resistant steel and with a handle designed to guarantee excellent performance and maximum comfort.

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Whether you're looking for a classic nail remover, an American nail remover, a fumar or a Japanese nail remover, Mister Worker™ is the online store of professional tools for you: numerous Stanley nail models are available in the catalog, all covered by official warranty.

The flagship nail picker of the Mr. Worker™ catalog is the Stanley Fubar ST-611: made of highly sturdy and resistant carbon steel, it has a chisel-shaped tip and an ergonomic knurled handle that guarantees an excellent grip, firm and safe. It is a professional tool with 5 functions: to pry, to extract nails, to break nuts and bolts, to bend pipes, to beat nails. Despite the material with which it is produced, the Stanley Fubar weighs only 1.10 kg and is convenient to use even for a prolonged period.

Mr. Worker™ offers only the best to professionals in every sector: every tool available in the catalog exceeds strict safety tests before being put on sale, and is covered by the manufacturer's official warranty. In addition, our team of experts is at your disposal to prepare customized quotes: if you need to renew your work equipment and you need to purchase a large number of tools and professional tools, write to [email protected] and we will reply as soon as possible. If, however, you need a quick advice on what to buy and want information on the products available, call us at +39 02 9143 3257.