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Automotive by STANLEY

Shop here the entire catalogue of Stanley automotive instruments, perfect for who works in auto garages and mechanic shops. Check out our range of equipment for car repair and maintenance including tires repair kits, axle stands, car lifts and wrenches for changing tires!

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Whether you are an auto maintenance expert, you have a mechanical workshop, or you want to open an auto repair shop, all you need is a range of professional and high quality self-repair tools. In our catalogue you can find the whole range of Stanley tools for repairers online, by choosing these brand you choose reliability and resistance: spark plug wrenches, digital pressure gauge for tires, hydraulic lift, jack stands... all immediately available at a special price.

An important category of automotive tools is the one including all instruments needed for tires. An example is the practical and compact STHT80891-0 kit for tires repair with 5 repair strings. This compact tool makes it possible to repair tires without removing the wheel or replacing the tire. Other interesting products for tires are the digital gauge to measure tire pressure, easy and comfortable to use also thanks to its integrated LED light for night use and an accuracy of 0.01, and Stanley’s wrench for changing tires, an adaptable wrench with telescopic shaft that comes with 2 sockets.

If you need a specific tool to carry out operations in the car repair sector, you can also check out our category dedicated to automotive tools, including high-quality tools by the best brands. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us: our team of experts will be happy to guide you in the choice of the tool available in our wide catalogue that best suits your needs.