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Stanley tools: a guarantee for all professionals

Founded in 1843 by Frederik Stanley, the group was born as a small business dealing with production of bolts, hinges, and other hardware products. In the early 20th century, the company expanded into the hand tool market and began to manufacture products like hammers, screwdriver sets, planes and more. In addition, Stanley was the first company in the world to produce the tape measure. Over the years, the business continued to expand its assortment with increasingly innovative products (such as the Powerlock flexometer or the Fatmax product series) and established itself as one of the world leading companies in the production of professional tools.

Today, the brand boasts an extensive catalogue, as well as production sites throughout the world, in countries like the United Kingdom, Mexico or China. Furthermore, the firm enjoys a great popularity among professionals because of the reliability, durability and quality of the tools it offers, designed to provide the best results along with the highest comfort. Even nowadays, the company continues to invest in the research of new products and solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of customers so as to increasingly establish itself as an undisputed leader in the global tool market.

Why should you choose Stanley tools?

Stanley tools stand out from the competition because they are made to help professionals work better, smarter & faster. The company has always strived to continuously test, design and improve its products to ensure the highest quality standards and performance. In addition, the brand works closely with real professionals to see how they work so they can create tools that best meet their needs.

The reasons why the American manufacturer’s tools enjoy great success are many, here are some of them below:

  • Top-quality: Stanley tools are realised with the best materials, plus the most advanced technologies, in order to guarantee outstanding performances;
  • Longevity: these products are made of the most resistant materials, which give them strength, allowing professionals to use them for several years
  • Ergonomic design: tools such as knives are produced with ergonomic features, such as comfortable handles, that grant a comfortable, therefore pleasant working experience;
  • Precision, items like tape measures or laser levels are manufactured to be extremely accurate, to help you take flawless measurements in your construction projects
  • Extreme power: products like drills, sanders as well as the whole power tools line are equipped with high-performance motors, which give them the ability to fulfil the hardest projects in less time
  • Wide space: tool boxes, organisers or trolleys are conceived to provide a wide amount of space, to help you organize your tools intelligently and neatly.

Therefore, buying a product from this renowned brand, whether it is a plane, a screwdriver set, or a tool box on wheels, is an incredibly worthwhile investment that will provide you with excellent results for extended periods of time.

Check out the complete Stanley tool catalogue: knives, tool boxes, tape measures, hammers, Fatmax tools and more

Boasting a rich, diversified product range, which includes the complete Stanley tool catalogue, with the advantage of the most competitive prices, plus an immediate delivery, Mister Worker® is the online tool store you’ve been searching for! Browse this page to find the right items for you: from knives to tape measures, from hammers to planes, from laser levels to screwdriver sets, as well as staple guns, Fatmax drills, tool boxes or organizers, we are sure you will find everything you need!

Discover for example the Stanley 0-33-238 Powerlock 5m tape measure with a resistant ABS plastic case, one of the best selling items. Ideal for use-on-site, it is equipped with a high-quality steel tape, a robust coating in polyester as well as an intelligent retaining clip.

One of the most famous products is the Stanley No 4 bench plane, a high-performance tool equipped with a FSC certified cherry wood handle and knob, which provide increased comfort as well as improved ergonomics. The blades of this tool have a thickness of 3 mm and help reduce vibration when working on various surfaces. Furthermore, the No 4 plane has a blade made of high-quality A2 steel, which is especially resistant to chipping and provides a better grip.

Take a look for example at the Stanley FMST1-71968 Fatmax tool box, featuring plastic engineered side clips that allow stacking with other boxes. This product is IP 65 certified to be completely protected against dust, oil, as well as other non-corrosive substances. Regarding tool boxes, another interesting item is the Stanley FMST1-75796 PRO-STACK model, which ensures an easy stacking of multiple boxes. This item has a load capacity of 20 kg, enabling you to store as well as transport a good quantity of tools.

Check out also the Stanley Fatmax 700 laser level, featuring a powerful beam laser diode, that enables enhanced brightness for a complete visibility during work. In addition, this tool has a working range of 80m, 600m if connected to a detector, to ensure improved results. This laser level is IP66-rated to be totally protected against dust and water.

Continue to browse the entire catalogue to discover other incredible tools, Stanley 99E knife, tool kits, socket sets, Fatmax drills, tool chests, saw horses and more.

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