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Torque wrenches bits by STAHLWILLE

In the Mister Worker™ catalog there are numerous inserts for Stahlwille torque wrenches, designed to make them suitable for bolts and screws of different shapes and sizes: a single tool, a great variety of uses!

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Torque wrenches bits STAHLWILLE

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Stahlwille torque wrench inserts are very useful tools to make your tool versatile and usable in different situations. Mister Worker™ offers a wide range of inserts designed to work on bolts and screws of various sizes, shapes and materials: if you buy the right ones for your work, you will have a dynamometric key suitable for a huge range of uses.

For example, the Stahlwille 725QR insert is designed for square drive torque wrenches and, depending on the size selected, has 22 or 30 teeth. Its external panel is in accordance with DIN 3120, while the continuous load capacity of the switchboards complies with DIN EN ISO 6789: 2003.

Then there is the Stahlwille 725/4 plug-in jack, reversible and with 22 teeth, or the Stahlwille 734F plug-in square drive, with a well-connected and very solid panel.

The only things to keep in mind when buying a torque wrench insert are the insert size and the compatibility with your key. Making a mistake of just a few millimeters means making a useless expense! If you have doubts about which insert is best for your needs, contact us at [email protected]: the Mister Worker™ team of experts will guide you in choosing and advising you in the best possible way.