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Torque wrenches accessories & bits by STAHLWILLE

Working with the Stahlwille torque wrenches means having to equip also the appropriate spare parts and accessories, designed to ensure that your instrument always gives its best.

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Torque wrenches accessories & bits STAHLWILLE

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When using highly professional and top-quality tools, such as Stahlwille torque wrenches, it is essential to always have the right parts and accessories with you. These allow you to enrich your tool and make it always performing, extending its useful life.

An example? The Stahlwille 7395-1 angle module, designed for measuring the rotation angle without a reference arm. It is compatible with the Stahlwille 730D torque wrench, provided it has a software version of 1.5.8 onwards. Simply fasten the module and connect it to the key interface to be able to tighten the screws with rotation angle: once the adjustment torque is reached, the torque wrench automatically switches to the angle measurement. When the imported rotation angle is reached, the key emits an acoustic signal and switches off automatically.

Mister Worker™ offers a wide range of Stahlwille accessories and spare parts, selected with care and attention, to allow anyone with Stahlwille torque wrenches to make them always work better and speed up the work that needs to be done. If you need advice on which accessory to choose, or do not know which spare parts you need, send us an email to [email protected]: our team of experts will follow you step by step in the choice and will advise you what to buy to meet the your professional needs.