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Torque screwdrivers by STAHLWILLE

Stahlwille torque screwdrivers are professional tools of the highest quality, with extreme precision. For this reason they are mainly used in aeronautics, where even the slightest mistake could be fatal.

Torque screwdrivers STAHLWILLE

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Like all Stahlwille torque tools, torque dynamometers are also instruments of maximum precision and reliability. They give the possibility to always exert the right pre-loading force on the clamping bolts, guaranteeing an excellent result of the work: if the force were too weak, the bolt could loosen; if, instead, it should be too strong, the bolt would be subjected to a stress that could cause it to break or damage irreversibly. In the Mister Worker™ catalog you can find, among others, the famous Stahlwille Torsiometer 760: it is a torque screwdriver highly appreciated for its high reliability and precision, but above all for its intuitiveness in use.

There are two types of dynamometric screwdrivers: those pre-calibrated and those equipped with an automatic regulation system. The difference between these two models is basically one: the pre-calibrated ones need a torque meter to be used, while the second ones do not, and are therefore more practical to use.

In both cases, however, when choosing a dynamometric screwdriver it is always necessary to check that it has the correct European safety certification. All Stahlwille torque tools are certified UNI EN 26789 ISO 6789, which guarantees reliability and maximum precision.

Mister Worker™ offers the possibility to purchase Stahlwille tools online, because it wants to offer only the best to its customers. It is in fact one of the most famous brands in the world for reliability and precision, even chosen in the field of aerospace engineering, where every minimum detail must be 100% accurate and must be carefully checked.