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Torque screwdrivers by STAHLWILLE

Particularly appreciated in the aerospace industry, Stahlwille torque screwdrivers are ideal for all the operations that require extremely precise tightening. Check out our selection of the best Stahlwille torque control instruments, characterized by high quality, precision and extreme reliability.

Torque screwdrivers STAHLWILLE

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Torque control does not only include torque wrenches, but also torque screwdrivers: such tools are particularly useful when you need extremely precise tightening. This tool, in fact, allows you to tighten effectively two mechanical parts by means of a bolted joint according to precise torque value.The main advantage of torque tools is that they’re more precise than pneumatic or electric tools, as they apply the exact torque needed for a specific operation and minimize the possibility of mistakes.
Stahlwille, German brand leader in the production of torque control, produces some of the best torque wrenches and screwdrivers available on the market. All Stahlwille tools, in fact, are appreciated all over the world thanks to their high quality, precision and reliability.

Stahlwille torque screwdrivers, such as the Torque screwdrivers TORSIOMAX 775
, make it possible to always exert the right pre-loading force on the clamping bolts, guaranteeing an excellent result of the work: if the force were too weak, the bolt could loosen; if, instead, it should be too strong, the bolt would be subjected to a stress that could lead to damage or breakage.
In the Mister Worker™ catalogue you can find, among others, the famous Torsiometer 760 available in four different models and dimensions. This Stahlwille torque screwdriver allow you to carry out precise clockwise and anticlockwise tightening, thanks to their 1/4" internal hex drive and its really low deviation value. This high quality Stahlwille tool is appreciated by many professionals, for example in the automotive and aerospace sector, for its reliability, precision and its intuitiveness in use.

An impressing innovation launched by Stahlwille is the unique electromechanical torque screwdriver Torsiotronic, available in four versions for different torque ranges: 12–120 cN·m, 30–300 cN·m, 60–600 cN·m and 100–1000 cN·m. This professional tool is equipped with a patented trigger system based on a ball mechanism: the advantages of electronic torque instruments are therefore combined with the convenience of a mechanical trigger mechanism.
Thanks to its fine-tooth ratchet with integrated bit-holder, this Stahlwille tool guarantees accurate tightening and loosening with the perfect degree of torque for each specific application, included when you deal with hard-to-reach fasteners. Other great features of this tool are surely its long-lasting battery and its LED display, designed to make your work tasks easier!

Does this sound interesting? Check out the full range of Stahlwille tools online available on Mister Worker™: upgrade your assortment of highly professional torque control tools at special prices, have a look at our special offers! All Stahlwille equipment that you purchase on our website is covered by the official warranty of the manufacturer: rely on the extensive experience of this german brand, famous all over the world for the durability and precision of its tools, which are UNI EN 26789 ISO 6789 certified. For these reasons, this brand is chosen every day also in the field of aerospace engineering, where every minimum detail must be 100% accurate and must be carefully checked.
If you have any question, contact us: our team will provide you with technical assistance and useful advice to choose the best torque wrenches and screwdrivers in the Stahlwille product range!