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Multiplier & high torque wrench by STAHLWILLE

When you need to work on screws and bolts that are difficult to tighten or loosen, the best choice is Stahlwille torque multipliers, highly professional, reliable and of the highest quality.

Multiplier & high torque wrench STAHLWILLE

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A torque multiplier is an instrument used to increase the force applied by a torque wrench. It is mainly used in the mechanical field, when there is the need, for example, to remove large wheels fixed in a very firm way. Just apply it to the part to be assembled or disassembled, freeing it to its torque wrench and you're done: you'll be able to do the job with simplicity and without too much effort.

In the Stahlwille catalog, various models of Stahlwille force multipliers are available on our website. The most appreciated by our customers are the Stahlwille Multipower MP300 torque multipliers: equipped with overload protection and planetary gears, they are suitable for heavy loads and can tighten or loosen fast screw connections with high torques, without the need for extensions. they are produced with particularly robust materials, and they operate a constant force transmission, thus preventing nuts and bolts from damaging. Used in combination with Stahlwille torque wrenches, they offer an incredible combination of strength: they can reach up to 5000 N · m / 3687 ft · lb and, since 2000 N · m, have an anti-return safety device.

All Stahlwille force multipliers in the Mister Worker™ catalog are sold with regular safety certification, and have been carefully selected to offer the highest quality to all professionals.