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Mechanical torque wrenches by STAHLWILLE

Discover the catalog of Stahlwille mechanical torque wrenches and sets: Mister Worker™ is an official Stahlwille distributor where you can buy MANOSKOP torque wrenches online at the best price.

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Mechanical torque wrenches STAHLWILLE

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Stahlwille offers a wide range of mechanical torque wrenches made in Germany. The MANOSKOP 730N torque wrench is suitable for a wide range of applications up to 1000 Nm. Thanks to the Quick Select technology, you can easily and accurately set the target torque value and the knob at the end of the handle allows for one-handed setting. This mechanical torque wrench has a two-component handle made of tough and impact resistant material that can resist to oils, grease, fuels, brake fluids and Skydrol, and it also has a softer layer that makes it more comfortable for the user. The internal mechanism of the MANOSKOP 730N wrench is well protected and it is resistant to mechanical wear, furthermore, contrary to conventional torque wrenches, with the MANOSKOP 730N you do not have to reset the tool to zero after every tightening to unload its spring. One of the main advantages of this mechanical torque wrench is its dual stop signal: when you reach the target torque, the wrench provides both an audible and a tactile signal.

Stahlwille MANOSKOP 730 Quick is the ideal mechanical torque wrench is the ideal tool for professionals who need to quickly set their wrench for the next tightening. This versatile torque wrench has a flexible range (4 – 650 Nm) and interchangeable insert tools and requires only a few seconds to set the target torque. The MANOSKOP 730 Quick range includes Service MANOSKOP torque wrenches with mount for insert tools, with tool carrier for insert tools or with mount for shell tools.

The mechanical torque wrench Standard MANOSKOP 721 Quick is available with permanently installed ratchet, with permanently installed QuickRelease ratchet and in the Wheel-fitting set 721QR/20/3/1 Quick.

The mechanical torque wrench is the most classic model among the various Stahlwille torque tools available in our catalogue, but it also offers the possibility to make highly precise measurements with ease. Stahlwille mechanical torque wrenches are lightweight and easy to use tools, suitable for all professionals who use torque tools daily and need professionalism and safety. They have the classic shape of the ratchet wrenches and have the possibility to change the bushes by hand, to adapt to different types of screws and bolts. They allow to control the tightening, thanks to the graduated scale on the handle, in order to control the magnitude of the mechanical moment and to know which is the tightening torque of the screw.

This is an indispensable tool especially for those who need to mount components in carbon fiber, which could easily be damaged by using keys that do not have the ability to control the applied force.

Like all Stahlwille torque tools in the Mister Worker™ catalog, mechanical torque wrenches are also regularly certified to guarantee maximum safety for use by all professionals. If you have any doubt or questions about these professional tools, contact us at [email protected]: our experts will be happy to help you.