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Electronic torque wrenches by STAHLWILLE

Stahlwille electronic torque wrenches are the best choice for those seeking maximum precision and professionalism. Choices by those working in the aerospace field, they tighten screws and bolts in a safe and highly precise way.

An electronic torque wrench is a controlled tightening spanner with a small display on which the torque value is indicated electronically. It is a tool of the latest generation, very practical and easy to use. Stahlwille electronic torque wrenches are the top of the range in dynamometry: they ensure a very precise and professional work, which is why they are also chosen in "delicate" fields such as aeronautics.

Choosing to use a torque wrench significantly improves the quality of the work you have to do. In addition to high precision, Stahlwille torque wrenches are very delicate and do not damage the thread when tightening, as well as making the force applied to screws and bolts homogeneous.

Among the various models available in the Mister Worker™ catalog, one of the best known is the Stahlwille Sensotork 701 electronic torque wrench: it is equipped with a fixed fine toothed pawl and makes measurements independent of the force attachment point. It is sold with regular safety certification, like all Stahlwille tools on our website.

If you want to buy Stahlwille torque tools online, Mister Worker™ is the online store made for you. In addition to special offers on a selection of torque wrenches, you will find advice on how to best use these fantastic professional tools.