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Torque control by STAHLWILLE

On Mister Worker™ you can purchase Stahlwille complete catalogue of torque control tools online: here you can find some of the best digital or mechanical torque wrenches available on the market, such as Manoskop 730 and Sensotork 701. Discover a wide range of torque screwdrivers, accessories and bits for your Stahlwille torque tools!

Top Range of Torque Control Tools Available On Mister Worker™

Torque control is one of Stahlwille best seller categories, as their torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers and torque wrenches accessories and bits are worldwide renowned for their reliability and accuracy. We highly recommend you buy Stahlwille tools if you’re looking for work tools of the best quality that, even though the same time, easy to use. This brand, in fact, has put a lot of effort in developing instruments whose aim is ensuring that two mechanical parts are tightened by means of a bolted joint according to precise torque values. Applying the exact torque is extremely important for example in the automotive and aerospace sectors, where it’s fundamental that the parts that need to be tightened don’t break or get damaged.

Torque control tools are the best tool for this scope, as it allows the user to pre-set the amount of tightening power needed for the specific operation. As mentioned previously, the most important products in this category are torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers. As they’re highly professional tools, they must be chosen really carefully keeping in mind the specific operations that they will carry out. Stahlwille torque tools are the world's top-of-the-range: buying a dynamometric wrench or a quality torque screwdriver means investing in a high quality, long-lasting and resistant product that will enrich your workplace and make your daily tasks easier and, at the same time, more precise.

Mechanical and Digital Torque Wrenches by Stahlwille

The range of Stahlwille torque wrenches is divided in mechanical torque tools and electronic torque tools. The first type of wrench must be set to a specific torque and it signals that the user must stop when the pre-set limit is reached. On the other side, digital torque tools are equipped with a load cell and a digital display and it allows you to carry out more precise operations than the mechanical ones.
If you’d like to opt for a mechanical torque wrench, which guarantee a great and continuous reliability over time, our suggestion is to choose a Manoskop® 730 torque wrench. These made in Germany tools are suitable for a wide range of applications. Check out the series 730, in particular the Manoskop 730N and the Manoskop 730 Quick: these mechanical wrenches are ideal for those of you that need to set the tool as quickly as possible, for example when you have to carry out various tightening operations in a limited time. These click-type tools are both equipped with a QuickRelease safety lock and a fast, accurate quick-action adjuster. These tools are highly sensitive: when they reach the torque selected by the user, they clicks and the eventual force applied after that cannot damage the trigger mechanism.

If, instead, you would like to purchase a digital torque wrench, we strongly suggest One of the leading dynamometer tools in the Mister Worker™ catalogue is the Stahlwille Sensotork® 701/2 torque wrench with a fine toothed pawl. Thanks to its slim and compact shape, ensures accurate tightening also in confined spaces. The Sensotork is powered by a long-lasting lithium battery, this professional piece of equipment makes measurements regardless of the point of application of force. Another amazing example of Stahlwille tools is the electronic torque wrench Manoskop 730D, particularly appreciated in the aerospace sector for its reliability, high-quality and precision.

Torque Screwdrivers And a Wide Range of Accessories

Torque control does not only mean torque wrenches, but also accessories, torque bits and torque screwdrivers, fundamental to tighten effectively and precisely two mechanical parts by means of a bolted joint according to precise torque value. As an example, check out the Stahlwille Torsiotronic data sheet: this professional tool, equipped with a LED display, combines the advantages of electronic torque tools and the mechanical trigger mechanism, allowing you to carry out the accurate tightening or loosening even of hard-to-reach-fasteners.

Mister Worker™ Offers Worldwide Shipping and a Range of Amazing Offers!

Are you looking for Stahlwille in the UK or in the USA? Then you’re in the right place: not only can you purchase any of the items included in the Stahlwille catalogue online on Mister Worker™, you can also get it delivered wherever you are in the world! And if you’re looking for great deals and torque control tools on sale, have a look at our section dedicated to Stahlwille Special Offers and you will find, for example, the 721 Quick Manoskop torque wrench with a 45% discount! Finally, if you require further details or you would like to get more information about any of these products, get in touch with us!