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Check out all the Stahlwille Promo and Special Offers available on Mister Worker™: you will find some of the best torque control tools available on the market at incredible prices! Do not miss this chance to buy mechanical and digital torque wrenches, tool trolleys, ratchets and socket sets with discounts up to 60%!

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Offers and Promotions Up To 60% Off on Stahlwille Tools

Stahlwille is an internationally renowned brand specialized in the production of high-quality, resistant work tools, especially when it comes to torque control. On Mister Worker™, official Stahlwille reseller worldwide, you can buy a selection of the top-seller Stahlwille tools with discounts up to 70%: take advantage of our special offers, carefully prepared and regularly updated by our team of experts in order to provide you with a wide choice of discounted tools! Whether you need torque wrenches, ratchets, tool trolleys or a set of screwdrivers, sockets or spanners, here you will find a great deal that will enrich your toolbox!

Exceptional Discounts on Stahlwille Torque Wrenches: Manoskop 730 and Sensotork

Within our special offers you can surely find a Stahlwille torque wrench perfect for your needs: we have a selection of mechanical, digital torque wrenches and angle torque wrenches that you can choose from! Let us tell you some of the main features of two popular torque wrenches: the famous Manoskop 730 and Sensotork.

Some of the best electronic torque wrenches are without a doubt the ones included in the series 730, such as the Manoskop® 730D with reversible ratchet insert tool. This innovative torque tool is equipped with a mount for interchangeable insert tools, can be set quickly thanks to its practical keypad. It has an overload protection by means of an acoustic and optical signal: in addition, the keys automatically lock during use, to avoid inadvertently changing the set adjustment. It has the possibility to choose between different tolerance limits according to the tightening situation, which evaluates by means of luminous signaling on the display. It is sold in a robust professional case with 2 1.5V mignon batteries.
If you’d like to purchase an angle torque wrench with these features, instead, we suggest the versatile Manoskop® 714R characterized by its great high-definition colour display and its 4 possible measuring modes (torque, angle, torque backed up by angle, angle backed up by torque). Another really great electronic angle torque wrench is the Sensotork®  713R: it allows you to carry out your daily work tasks in a simple and flexible way, as it is suitable for clockwise and anticlockwise torqueing. Moreover, it calibrates fully automatically, and it requires little maintenance.

Amazing Prices on Tool Trolleys, Spanners, Ratchets and Socket Sets

Although Stahlwille is mainly known for its torque tools, this brand produces other great hand tools such as combination open box spanners, ratchets, sockets and socket sets. If you’re looking for the perfect set of open box wrenches, have a look at the stahlwille open box 13 sets of combination spanners: on Mister Worker™ you can choose among sets ranging between 5 and 26 wrenches of different dimensions depending on your needs. These top professional quality spanners are particularly versatile and can be used in a wide variety of applications. When it comes to ratchets and sockets our advice is to buy a socket set that contains also a ratchet and a variety of accessories: a great deal is surely the 19 pieces 1/4" socket set, provided in a sturdy, stackable ABS plastic case.

Finally, if you’re looking for a trolley in which you can safely store your work tools, check out Stahlwille 13217 Tool Trolleys. It is a sturdy and resistant tool trolley with several lockable drawers, equipped with two practical carrying handles at the sides and an extendible telescopic handle to facilitate moving it. Another good option is the Stahlwille 90/6A Tools Trolley: a practical wheeled
workshop trolley with  6 lockable and easily removable drawers. It is equipped with a double safety system: it has a central locking system with a cylinder lock with a tilting key, and a single lock to prevent it from unintentionally opening during movement. Moreover, it has a comfortable and sturdy handle and a worktop with compartments for the ABS plastic parts, which resists oils and other substances. Its wheels are resistant to oils and acids, to allow the trolley to be used even in workshops where these substances may be present on the floor.

Mister Worker™ Offers Official Warranty and Technical Assistance

Browse in this category and you will find many more exclusive Stahlwille offers on sets of screwdrivers, QuickRelease ratchets, waterpump pliers, hexagon keys, roller cabinets, toolboxes and much more! Mister Worker™ is a Stahlwille official dealer and provides you with the official warranty of the manufacturer for each product that you buy online on our website. Take advantage of this occasion to buy the best torque tools in the world! If you would like to receive further information or details regarding any of Stahlwille tools, we suggest you contact us: our team can provide you with technical assistance and customized quotations.