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Roller cabinets, workbenches, tool boxes and assortments by STAHLWILLE

Are you looking for a professional workbench? Do you need a new roller cabinet? Do you need perforated panels and modules to keep your work equipment in order? In the Mister Worker™ catalog you will find a wide range of Stahlwille trolleys, counters, boxes and assortments.

If you work in a mechanical workshop, you know how important it is to have all your tools and tools close at hand and well organized. On Mr. Worker™ you can find a wide selection of Stahlwille workshop trolleys, all equipped with pivoting anti-oil wheels to facilitate movement within the work space. If you are looking for a compact workshop trolley, the one for you is the Stahlwille Rollbox 922N roller cabinet with 5 drawers and 4 wheels with a diameter of 125mm: the drawers, once opened, can be put in or out; furthermore, on the upper side of the trolley there is a practical plastic container resistant to impact and divided into small compartments, ideal for small parts. There are also plastic modules for the drawers of your cart, both empty and with integrated tool assortment.

If you prefer a workbench to a workshop trolley, Mister Worker™ has something for you: the Stahlwille 96/3 workbench is equipped with a retractable trolley and tool holder wall for easy transport. It has 5 sheet metal drawers with specific slots for inserting the dividers, each with automatic lock that prevents opening during transport.

But it does not end here: from Mr. Worker™ you will also find tool boxes, tool cases, perforated panels and tool hooks, all you need to tidy up your workshop and always have all your work equipment at your fingertips.