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On Mister Worker™ you can find a wide variety of special tools designed so that the user can carry out specific work tasks in dangerous environments in all safety. Check out our selection of high-quality no-sparking and SLS tools and work tools for the aerospace sector: wrenches, ratchets, sockets, hammers, pliers and much more!

Best Sellers

Thanks to Mister Worker™ you can purchase a wide range of special tools for specific applications, in particular tools for the aerospace sector, explosion proof and SLS tools. When working in the aeronautics field or in an ATEX environment it is essential to choose the right special tools, specific to perform even the most delicate jobs in safe conditions for the user. They are all certified professional tools designed to keep the user safe and to carry out accurate tasks with a really low risk of mistake.

Within this section you will find not only high-quality hand tools such as aerospace screwdrivers, keys, pliers and sockets, but also practical tool sets, resistant tool boxes, no sparking keys, hammers and pipe wrenches from some of the best brands available on the market. All aerospace tools in this category share the ultimate goal to ensure safety for the workers who use them. Mister Worker provides you with a selection of the best FACOM and Stahlwille tools and ships them to you no matter where you are! Whether you need aerospace ratchets and sockets, aerospace maintenance tools or hand tools, we’ve got you covered!

Aeronautics is not the only field where special tools are necessary: in particular when working in environments with a high risk of explosion it is of uttermost importance for the worker’s safety to use the correct hand tool, considering all dangerous substances that may be present in the workplace representing a risk for sparks and/or explosions. Without a doubt, you will need some explosion-proof tools in your toolbox suitable to carry out such operations and that follow the normative requirements of the European ATEX Directives. These professional instruments have to be made out of special copper-beryllium alloys: as they’re non-sparking, non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant, they’re suitable to be used in explosive environments. Discover the FACOM catalogue of high-quality certified no-sparking hand tools such as allen keys and screwdrivers, operating keys, ratchets, files and saws, pliers and cutters. 

Finally, have a look at our selection of SLS tools, special tools with a safety lock system, a solution to make work at height safer and to prevent accidents caused by the fall of the tool. The Safety Lock System ring system attached to the tool is 100% compatible with other lanyards and accessories. 
In this section you can find SLS wrenches, torque wrenchesratchets and sockets keys with SLS attachment solution, which prevents ant risk of accidental falls. Their peculiarity is that they are all equipped with straps that allow the user to securely attach the tool to their harness.

All the special tools in the catalogue of Mister Worker™ undertake strict safety tests and are compliant with the existing regulations. They are just a few clicks away, as they’re already available for delivery all over the world. Should you have any questions or require further information about any products, we kindly suggest you contact us! Our team of experts will provide you with technical assistance and, when needed, with personalized quotations!