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For those who work in a mechanical workshop, or for those who own a hardware store, having a well-organized mini-tool holder is the key to maintaining order and quickly finding the small parts that you need. Luck containers, tool boxes, small parts cases... Mister Worker™ has everything you need.

The picking bins are the best choice for stacking situations, because they are stackable, stable and resistant. The plastic loupe containers are made of high quality polypropylene, very solid and resistant, and are available in different colors to easily find the small parts you need. The metal loupe containers are designed to organize the industrial material, and have a high resistance to both rust and impact.

The case-holder small parts are perfect for those who often work far from their workshop: they are small plastic case carrying cases with different compartments, to hold screws, bolts and other small parts that are well separated and easily found. The lid closes securely, locking the trays to prevent the small parts from mixing or the case to open during transport. Some models have the possibility to remove the inner trays, and take with them only those that are needed on the moment, while other variants have a tool housing under the small parts tray.

The drawers units are available in three versions: they can be assembled with a joint, transportable with a handle or with wheels. The assembling drawers have practical drawers with a front label holder and are made of shockproof thermoplastic resin, equipped with stops to make them very stable in every situation, and have a horizontal or vertical assembly system. The version with handle is equipped with a retractable handle that can be easily removed when needed, and has comfortable drawers with internal dividers. The drawer units with wheels, on the other hand, are classic multi-purpose drawer units, easily transportable thanks to the swivel wheels and can be positioned at different points in your work space.

Whatever the working environment to be reordered, Mister Worker™ has the most suitable small containers for all needs.