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A shoe rack is an essential piece of furniture both for those who have only one pair of shoes, and for those who have an infinity: helps keep order in the house and is useful for storing guests' shoes. Choosing a shoe cabinet is never easy, but Mister Worker™ has different solutions suitable for everyone.

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How to choose a good shoe rack? There is no basic rule to follow. We must always remember to evaluate different factors: the size, the color, the number of shoes that it can hold, and above all the depth. There are those who have a passion for shoes, and prefer to buy a very large and voluminous shoe rack closet; who prefers a more practical solution that takes up little space, to be kept in the closet to keep all the shoes ordered; who still looks for a thin and elegant shoe rack, to be placed at the entrance to keep even the guests' shoes.

First of all, a shoe rack must make the most of the space available in the home: there are different sizes, and you must always carefully choose the right depth, to ensure that it fits perfectly into the dedicated space. The size also varies depending on the type of shoes to be inserted: a shoe rack with deeper drawers will be needed if you have a large number of men's shoes, while it is better to choose taller and wider drawers if you have a lot of shoes with heels.

Two quite important features are the perforated backdrop, which allows a perfect ventilation inside the shoe rack and makes everything more hygienic, and the ability to remove the shelves, so as to clean them more easily.

If you are not sure of the size to buy, the best choice is a modular shoe rack in plastic: in the catalog of Mr. Worker™ individual modules of different colors are available, modular both in horizontal and vertical, to create a personalized shoe and perfectly tailored.