Personal data protection

The main protection against any risk is your personal password. Do not tell anyone your password to prevent unauthorized access to your information by third parties.

How do we protect the transmission of data?

Mister Worker® cares about online safety and reliability. Therefore, we have obtained a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Geotrust certificate with A+ rating. You can check it out yourself by clicking the following link:

Thanks to this Protocol your sensitive data such as password and credit card number are encrypted and protected from any kind of attack. The SSL protocol is used by some of the most important Internet operators, including PayPal. 

During the stages in which sensitive data, login and payment are transmitted, for example, a padlock or a symbol will appear somewhere on the browser to indicate that data is transmitted through a safe protocol. If you do not find the symbol, check the documentation of your browser. On the address bar will also appear something similar to ...  "Https://" indicates that the connections traveling on a SSL protocol. 

 Are you a Visa user?

Mister Worker® supports Verified by Visa, thanks to which your purchase is doubly protected by a personal message and a password. You can join Verified by Visa through the bank or organization that issued your credit card.

 How do we protect you from frauds?

Mister Worker® adopts the best technologies to protect its customers' shopping. Even if technology is not enough: every day a team of Customer Support revises and analyses the orders flow to further ensure the security of transactions of our customers and the protection of their information against any attempt of fraud.

How do we use your data?

All the information on your personal datas use is available in the Privacy Policy that you can easily view and download from the website