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Choosing a screwdriver and high quality socket wrenches means you do not need to replace them frequently, which is why Mister Worker™ only has professional screwdrivers and sockets that are resistant to intensive use and wear. Screwdriver sets and complete socket wrenches are also available.

From Mister Worker™ every professional can find the screwdriver that suits him. A quality professional screwdriver can make a job faster, ensuring a firmer and faster screwdriver than would happen with an economical screwdriver that has not passed strict quality controls. In our catalog are available screwdrivers for slotted head screws, Phillips, Torx, and Pozidriv - Supadriv cross markers, both in the long screwdriver and in the short screwdriver model, suitable for a multitude of jobs and uses. With long screwdrivers, the best known and most sold model, you can easily screw or unscrew all the screws without too much effort. With the short screwdrivers, also called "dwarf screwdrivers", you can work in confined spaces where no other screwdriver can get to: they are very used by the electricians, to operate in the control panels, where the screws are in places difficult to reach .

The screwdriver sets in our catalog are complete with slotted screwdriver and star screwdriver, in various sizes suitable for both small screws and for screws with large head. They all have a solid non-slip grip that resists optimal use intensively, and some models have the ability to be hung on hooks for tool panels.

Other widespread hand tools are the hand sockets, indispensable and always present in every toolbox. These keys are equipped with an ergonomic anti-slip handle and hexagonal head, and are used to tighten different sizes of nuts and bolts. USAG socket wrenches are resistant to intensive use and are very convenient for the continuous work of mounting and dismounting nuts and bolts. Choosing the right-sized socket wrenches is essential for doing a job well done: if you use oversized socket wrenches, you risk damaging the nuts and bolts and ruining the wrench itself.

Buying a socket wrench set can be the wisest choice, as it consists of sets made up of different sized wrenches, which can then be used for different types of nuts or bolts and to carry out various types of work.