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When it comes to having to choose inserts for screwdrivers or for screwdrivers, we must always take into account the quality: high quality inserts, in fact, resist well to wear and give your hand tool a longer life. Mister Worker™ offers a wide selection of bits and magnetic inserts for slotted screws, hexagon socket, cross-head, Phillips, Pozidriv, Supadriv and Torx.

The inserts are metal tips available with different lengths and tips of various shapes: they must be chosen according to the shape of the screws on which they will have to work. There are cut or cross inserts specific for Torx, Pozidriv, Supadriv or Phillips screws. Choosing them of good quality is essential to ensure the success of the work that has to be done: aiming for savings and choosing cheap hand tools is often not a wise choice, because low quality inserts can break already after the first use and ruin so irreversible the screws on which they work. The best are definitely the shock resistant inserts, the high quality titanium inserts, up to the most expensive but indestructible diamond inserts.

It is also essential to choose inserts of the type and size corresponding exactly to the screws on which the work is to be carried out: even a few millimeters error means damaging both the insert and the screw. For this Mister Worker™ offers numerous sets of inserts, with tips of various shapes and sizes suitable for different types of screws. Having an assortment of inserts with you is always very useful, because often you are faced with different screws even in the same machinery on which you are operating. The most widespread prints are the Phillips crossprints, not to be confused with the Pozidriv prints, always on the cross but with four extra cuts to improve grip; more and more common is the Torx imprint, a six-pointed star that guarantees maximum grip.

The last element to take into account is the length of the insert. The inserts are usually short, to transmit the maximum torque to the screw and be able to screw it in the best way: the longer the insert, the more it risks being detached. If you need to work on screws in deep spaces, it is advisable to buy inserts of the desired length, which allow you to work at different depths: it is always advisable to be very cautious in these situations, just to prevent the inserts from coming off during work and ruin the screw.