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Mister Worker® is pleased to announce that it provides its customers with Rothenberger pipe tools along with pipe processing equipment for sanitary, air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and environmental technology. From air conditioning and refrigeration tools to pipe cutters, from rinsing or cleaning to welding articles, as well as universal tools, pipe benders, threading, expanding products or even freezing kits, professionals from all around the world can purchase on our website everything they need.

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Rothenberger UK: pipe tools and plumbing tools of great excellence

The company was founded in 1949 by Edwin Rothenberger in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. At that time, the firm produced tools, machines along with welding solutions. Moreover, pipe joining was the cornerstone of the business. Due to the quality of its production, the group has enjoyed great notoriety since its very beginning.

In 1967 Rothenberger introduced the R-System, which was a significant factor in the company's breakthrough, since it included tools for expanding, necking and bending pipes. This solution allowed plumbers to connect pipes without fittings.

In the following years, thanks to the user-friendliness, excellence plus longevity of its products (such as pipe cutters, benders, freezing kits, pressure testers and more), the firm gained a dominant position in the market for pipe tools outside Germany. This was also achieved through the establishment of subsidiaries in other countries. The company also invested in internationally renowned brands such as VIRAX in France and North Africa as well as SUPEREGO in Spain or Latin America.

Today, the company boasts branches in 32 countries along with an extensive network of sales partners. The German headquarters are in Kelkheim, the UK offices are located in Northamptonshire and the US department is based in Rockford, Illinois. The business enjoys great popularity, because it always faces new challenges with a great motivation together with entrepreneurial spirit.

Why choose Rothenberger?

For over 70 years, Rothenberger has been one of the global leading manufacturers of advanced pipe solutions in multiple fields, such as sanitary, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and environmental applications.

The company offers 6000 different products, from blow torches to pressure testers or even hand tools, covering the entire line of piping devices. Professionals from the whole globe appreciate the business production for its trustworthiness and endurance, which are the result of the innovative methods as well as sophisticated technology employed by the company in the development of its items.

Moreover, the firm is very committed to respecting the environment. That’s why the group strives to be as sustainable as possible in the creation of its ware. Furthermore, other matters the company cares a lot about is the observance of human rights, along with people’s quality of life and the constant dialogue with customers.

Explore the Rothenberger official catalogue: pipe cutters, benders and more

Mister Worker® is the online store that supplies a comprehensive range of Rothenberger pipe tools. Discover all the categories we sell, including air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, cutting tools, cleaning or rinsing devices, items for welding, threading or expanding. Our assortment also incorporates inspection, freezing, testing & measuring, as well as bending products.

The Superfire 2 blow torch is a highly researched product, perfect for soldering as well as brazing use in plumbing, heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, along with other similar fields. It ensures excellent concentration of high temperatures to complete tasks efficiently. One of the best-selling products is without any doubt the ROBEND 4000 E base machine. With this item, plumbing, refrigeration and air conditioning fitters can bend copper, stainless steel or carbon steel tubes along with multilayer composite pipes up to 180°.The bending angle can be pre-adjusted without any tool. When the preset bending angle is reached, the machine automatically shuts down, which makes it perfect to carry out series bends fast. Take a look also at the PIPECUT mini bare tool: it cuts a wide range of materials such copper, steel, stainless steel or plastic to a pipe diameter of 110 mm. This model is ideal for both permanent use in the workshop and mobile use on the construction site.

Another successful product is the threading machine SUPERTRONIC 2000 E, provided with pipe clamps.This item can be easily used in difficult-to-reach places such as corners or shafts. It also enables workers to thread close to walls thanks to its off-set die head mounting. Moreover, its switch for forward and reverse motion guarantees a superior comfort of use. In addition, a firm as well as safe grip in both directions is possible because of the high-quality prism tube clamp. Last but not least, consider the RODRUM VarioClean. This product is characterised by three speed levels for unlocking, cleaning and spinning. In addition, the VarioClean Electronic system stops the drum from being on for a long time.

If you want to know more about the range of Rothenberger pipe tools and equipment, we invite you to download the official catalogue in PDF-format.

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