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Pressure sprayers

To perform industrial cleaning or to work better in your car wash, you may need to purchase professional sprayers and wash tanks. In our catalog you will find a wide range of these products, ideal for an intensive and professional use: from classic pressure sprayers to the stainless steel ones, from leather squeezers to washing tanks, here you can find everything you need to perfectly clean vehicles and industrial machinery.

In our catalog you will find pressure sprayers in painted steel, classic and foaming, ideal to be used with most of the cleaning liquids, disinfectants, lubricating oils and similar fluids with low density; AISI pressure sprayers in stainless steel, classic or foaming, ideal to be used with aggressive liquids, as long as they can be used on the machinery on which you are working; leather squeezers, useful above all in car washes to improve the drying of vehicles with the use of synthetic leather and cloths; washing tanks, to wash carefully mechanical parts and components of various kinds; and a series of accessories for pressure sprayers, such as telescopic lances and pipes of various lengths.