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Working with electric tools such as a drill, screwdriver, grinder and circular saw, means having a series of inserts and accessories specific to the work that must be performed. Mister Worker™ offers a wide selection of drill bits, screwdriver bits, diamond disks, blades and hole saws, all in different sizes and materials.

Among the essential accessories for every professional there are no doubt drill bits: these are drill bits, available in many sizes and materials. How to choose drill bits? First of all, we need to consider the material to work on. For example, for cement, special extreme tips must be purchased for concrete and stone, which guarantee extremely clean and precise holes; for the metal, it is necessary to have bits with a golden ferric oxide finish, which prevents overheating and guarantees a long life to the accessory. Secondly, drill bits should be chosen according to the tool on which they are to be mounted: a percussion drill requires different drillings compared to a classic drill.

For the screwdriver, on the other hand, numerous screwdriver inserts are available, each compatible with a specific type of screw: Phillips, Pozidriv, Torx imprint. For anyone wondering how to choose the inserts for the screwdriver, the answer is very simple: just check the impression of the screws that you need to screw and, if you have different impressions in front, choose a convenient set of inserts for screwdriver. All the inserts in the Mister Worker™ catalog are equipped with a nickel cover and a diamond particle coating, features that guarantee maximum longevity and extreme tightness during screwing. The new screwdriver insert models have a very flexible torsion zone, designed to absorb torsion and force peaks and reduce breakage.

There is also another category of drill accessories: hole saws. But what is a hole saw? This is a small saw that is mounted on its drill to make circular holes on different materials, such as cement, metal or wood: it must be chosen based on the material on which it must work and on the diameter of the hole to be drilled. If the standard hole saws are suitable for wood, they are also suitable for plasterboard, and for the cement, diamond hole saws must be purchased, the edge of which has a strong diamond cover.

But that's not all: Mister Worker™ offers a wide range of planing blades and accessories for circular saw, diamond core drills, drill bit sets and screwdriver bits sets, and more! All carefully selected accessories to satisfy even the most demanding professionals.